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10 most anticipated features in macOS 10.13

To WWDC 2017 remained even a month. Before it was just an event for developers, but in recent years this event attracts not only the media and Apple fans, but even non-IT users. The fact that Apple in this event to present its new products.

This year at WWDC, is expected to announce the mobile operating system iOS 11, which will be supplied out of the box the flagship iPhone 8. Also of great interest is the desktop platform macOS 10.13. Last year’s OS has undergone many changes and changed the name (with OS X on macOS), but this does not mean that Apple has nothing more to improve. MacDigger gives a list of innovations that many of the “MacOS users” would like to see in the new edition of the OS.

More advanced Siri

Last year, Apple finally added support for Siri on the Mac. However, its ability is far inferior to competitors on other platforms.

It would be much easier if Siri can be used in offline mode without Internet connection. Also I should add the function of text input queries. In addition, the assistant should be able to understand the context of the conversation, to ability to maintain conversation and not just answer Yes and no questions.

Sync notifications between iOS and macOS

Thanks to Continuity and Handoff, you can start to perform a task on the computer and then continue it on your smartphone (and Vice versa). However, these technologies do not allow you to synchronize notifications across all devices. I wish this opportunity came in macOS and iOS 10.13 11. For example, if you have already read the message on the iPhone, notice about him should be deleted from your Mac.

Radically updated iTunes

Apple has released a completely revamped Photos app for Mac. I hope that the same will she do with iTunes. This service is one of the most commonly used in the Apple ecosystem, and one of the most often criticized. Since its release it has been 18 years, but iTunes has not received a major update. A new, more user-friendly interface would be a great start.

Improved spell check

On macOS do not have a good spell checker. If you disagree, just compare how the functions work in the latest versions of Apple’s Pages and Microsoft Word.

Updated Dashboard

Yosemite has been redesigned almost all aspects of the operating system, with the exception of the Dashboard. For some reason the company left its old interface, which does not change with OS X 10.4. Widgets stocks and the weather looks like before. It’s time to update the design of the toolbar.

Improved Mac App Store

Many users trying to download apps via the Mac App Store due to easy installation and automatic updates. But to find the desired program is not so simple: the search is slow and the results not always see what you are looking for.

Browsing through the tabs, and sorting the loaded items by name, purchase date, last boot and updates made it easier to use the Mac App Store. You can also add shop sections screen savers, and widgets.

Improved Spotlight

System Spotlight in macOS is a great tool for finding information. But Apple could greatly improve it by taking the example of the Flashlight (utility is open source, allowing developers to write extensions for Spotlight). If you have ever used a Flashlight, then you understand what was going on.

Password-protected folders

An excellent innovation of macOS 10.13 would be possible to set a password on individual folders and documents. This feature is very useful in some applications, but it depends on the developer.

Many Mac users use different family members. Of course, you can set up multiple accounts, but it would be more convenient to use a single profile with the ability to protect with password or Touch ID for individual programs and folders. Hardly anyone wants a child accidentally opened a folder with working documents and deleted important data.

Full dark UI mode

In Yosemite, the company added mode Dark Mode – a limited version of dark UI mode for the top row and the menu. Many users have appreciated this feature, as it allows you to get rid of white streaks on the screen and focus on working with photos or video. I would like to see full support for dark mode for the Finder and all applications.

Sync albums “People”

The Photos app on macOS is quite comfortable, but it has one drawback. If you set the albums “People” on the computer they will not sync to my other devices via iCloud. Strange, but with other albums this is happening.

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