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10 mistakes that kill your iPhone

Many users are trying to be careful with the iPhone – using cases and films for the screen. However, it is still wrong to use them. That is, doing everything to the device has failed prematurely.

Below are the 10 key mistakes many iPhone owners.

1. You are using a cheap external battery.

There is one good rule — if your portable battery is being charged all day, and enough of it to recharge your iPhone, it is a bad external source of charge and should be replaced. Most of these “accessories” for mobile phones also are made of poor quality components. That’s only sold sometimes for very big money. Their frequent use is detrimental for your smartphone.

2. You have all the time enabled Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Turn off every time you don’t need them. This will prevent loss of energy and efficiency of the battery. Oh, and by the modules also has a rule: the less you use, the longer it serves.

3. You leave your iPhone in the heat or in the cold.

In anticipation of the frosts employees of service centers are always rubbing their hands and preparing for the shaft of complaints on the batteries. If caught on the exposed contacts of electronic components with moisture all clear (there is a short circuit and subsequent failure of the phone), something about the cold or the sun rarely think. Battery capacity decreases in the cold, it is General wear. When the iPhone is exposed to temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius, it can lead to permanent damage to the battery. If the battery is in a cold environment, it will start to decrease. But it is temporary and she will be back to normal.

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4. You put the iPhone on charge all night.

It’s too bad for the battery. Because the battery deteriorates much faster when it’s loaded 100%. Try to always disconnect the device from the charger immediately after charging.

5. You wait, when the phone is discharged to 0% and then charged to 100%.

Modern batteries in mobile gadgets do not need it. Moreover, the lithium batteries used in smartphones in recent years, on the contrary this is not love. Best mode for them is to work in the range of 50-80%. Deep discharge device kills him – as well as “excessive charging.”

6. You use non-original charger.

This sin almost all owners of Apple gadgets cords in the original charges too quickly are ground, and are not so little. Still, try not to use counterfeit chargers. This is the case, when the miser pays twice: charging of unknown origin almost guaranteed to destroy the device. If not can blow it up! Cases where this happens, a lot.

7. Never clean the device.

On the surface of your iPhone a lot more bacteria than you think. Them on it more than on the rim of the toilet bowl or in the bowl of dog food! Apple recommends to clean the device surface with a lint-free cloth. For his own health. Well, for the health of the iPhone too. Especially for cleaning the charging Jack. If there is too much dust, it can harm the device! Use toothpicks or cotton swabs.

8. You hold it in your hands when you walk down the street.

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The share of the iPhone accounted for 40% of all street thefts in the world. So be careful when using them in public places.

9. You allow all applications to use the geolocation feature.

Don’t ever do that. Leave this feature for navigation software and possibly for Uber. Because if you allow it to do all your downloaded programs, your battery will discharge in half to two times faster than they could.

10. You charge iPhone in the car

The most unexpected, but very dangerous vulnerability, which burned almost every car enthusiast — car charging. Manufacturers offer these accessories to buy on their own. However, the market is flooded with simple cheap “bling” with a light bulb and a USB connector. They have a minimum set of electronic components that do not withstand criticism. But in unstable circuits automotive quality requirements of the charger are multiplied. As a result, the iPhone is subjected to torment from the unstable voltage of the Converter useless.

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