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10 iOS, OS X 10.12 and Apple Watch 2: users expect new products from Apple

In June, Apple will hold a conference for developers WWDC 2016, where it will talk about how the company imagines the future of software. Tim cook will show iOS 10, OS X 10.12 and talk about new features in their services. 9to5Mac conducted a survey among readers to find out what consumers expect from Apple’s new products.

iOS 10

Given the new capabilities of the system users expect improvement of standard Apple applications. The company needs to update the Maps, Photos, Calendar, and other popular programs. In addition, users expect more intelligent Siri that will be able to work with third-party software, updated the control room, advanced mode “do Not disturb”, the version of the Logic Pro app for iPad, lock off devices with Touch ID, as well as the black theme.

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In OS X 10.12 users need a quick photo sharing via iMessage, as implemented in iOS. Not less than that expected emergence of Siri. Voice assistant will allow you to give commands to the computer — for example, to run an app, find any file. Siri will be by analogy with the version for iOS can use the power of cloud servers to extend the capabilities.

Apple Music

Apple Music has a huge potential to become the best streaming service play music. But the company still remains a lot of work. In particular, it is necessary to rework the UI in the direction of simplification, to improve or to add a joint listening to streaming radio stations, integrate Apple Music to iTunes on Mac, add access to exclusive content in the Connect section.


ICloud photo library you will need a button to “Free space”, as in the Photo, and update functions. Now cleanup photo & video on iPhone and iPad using iCloud photo Library is in automatic mode, and its operation is controlled by the algorithms of the iOS and OS X that don’t always do it at the right time. In turn, the free Google Photo takes a different approach, allowing the button to “Free space” to securely erase all photos and videos that are already uploaded to the cloud.

Apple TV

tvOS is a relatively young platform and it needs improvement. The service needs support for new languages for voice assistant Siri, including Russian, as well as universal search, which allows more convenient to use the Apple TV.

Apple Watch 2

The right decision, according to the owners Apple Watch will be launching lending programs Upgrade Program for the second generation devices like that of iPhone. In this service, users will be able through the Apple Store to get a “smart” watch in installments for two years, and to exchange for a new device every year. Participation in the program would cost $20 a month. To run such a program is not difficult for Apple, given the built infrastructure and the experience gained after the launch of the iPhone Upgrade Program last year.

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