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10 iOS apps, which Android users can only dream of

The eternal debate among fans of the two operating systems iOS and Android, probably will never cease. One likes stability and security first, other – flexible and open architecture of the second, and everyone wants to defend their point of view.

For many, the main argument in favor of Android is the lack of functions in iOS. This fact is supporters of the mobile platform Google pedal at every opportunity. However, in the Treasury of the Apple platform – a large number of exclusive apps. Many programs and games get Android just months after the release of the iPhone, others remain in the exclusive access on iOS devices.

MacDigger offer a selection of apps from the App Store, which can only dream of Android users.

Manual – full access to camera settings

In iOS 8, Apple has implemented a large number of functions associated with the camera control and setting of shooting settings. Third-party apps can now control focus, shutter speed and ISO value. Manual not just using the manual settings of the camera, but actually focuses on them all of a user’s attention, allowing you to control the camera ExpoPromoter, white balance, flash, ISO, focus.

There is a special menu where you can enable the grid to crop (squares or thirds), to select a shutter sound, a diagram of a user interface (light or dark). There is a live histogram, which gives a basic understanding of the distribution of brightness in your scene, as well as the ability to view EXIF data.

Instagram Hyperlapse – time lapse videos without shakes

Debuted a year ago, the Hyperlapse app lets you create colorful rollers in the accelerated playback mode and characteristic without shaking the camera. This means that enthusiasts and fans of the style of time-lapse videos will not need to purchase additional and expensive equipment to stabilize the picture. However, captured on the iPhone or iPad video, can be turned into a Hyperlapse just a couple taps.

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Popular camera still available exclusively on the App Store.

Alto”s Adventure – the most beautiful game of the year

Alto”s Adventure is a beautiful endless arcade about the arrival of a snowboarder from the tops of the mountain slopes. A young man, wrapped in a three coat, watching a flock of llamas, when the latter unwisely take off running. Obazavil whale oil, the young man jumps on a snowboard and let’s catch unruly animals. Check endless: you can’t come to an end point. Is wound counter passed meters, coins collected and harnessed Lam. You can still turn the feint – rather one: in flight to do a somersault.

The designers drew ravishingly beautiful world: winter, all majestically, but peacefully shines in the sky, flying birds. When the mountains hugging the night, light up the stars, and flying lanterns light your path. Definitely the most beautiful game of the year.

Mr Jump – a worthy successor to Flappy Bird

Primitive decorated, but a fun platformer Mr. Jump has gained phenomenal popularity among users of iOS devices. Just a week after its release game is downloaded more than 5 million times. In Mr. Jump the main character moves from left to right, avoiding various obstacles. All that is required from the player – time to press the jump button. No saving here, so each level must be held with the utmost care and diligence. Around Mr. Jump has developed a small but cohesive community.

Timeful is an effective time Manager

Mobile app Timeful, purchased early in the year by Google, is designed for the most efficient use of time. Most applications designed for reminders and monitoring, development of Timeful has a unique algorithm, the storage habits of the owner, which allows you to enable reminders, without having to enter them into your smartphone. In addition, the application calculates the user experience by warning when he took too many tasks, or reminding that you need to leave spacing for emergency cases.

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Clear – shopping list with a perfect interface

Do not get tired to say that the lists of guests to a party, shopping at the supermarket or literature for the summer – a thing irreplaceable. Especially nice write them, if there is a special app with a simple and sleek interface and convenient navigation. Clear – without a doubt the most unusual task Manager in the entire history of the App Store.

Vesper – minimalist notes Manager

Vesper is an application for taking notes from a well-known blogger John Gruber. The app only exists in a version for the iPhone. Vesper is very simple – it is ideal for virtual double your memory. Here you can store all fleeting ideas, thoughts and reflections.

Sky guide: view stars

Sky Guide is one of the most popular applications of space. With the help of iPhone and iPad sensors and its own powerful render engine Sky Guide draws a map of the sky above your head. Sky Guide allows you to learn all about the stars one flick of the wrist. It is enough to lift the smartphone to the sky and you will see the screen names of stars and planets that surround you, no matter day or night. You can learn a lot about the constellations, nebulae and meteor rains, I often have to look only with a telescope on a moonless night away from city.

Litely photo with fine filters

A key feature Litely – ease of use. The editing process is clear at a glance, the basis of treatment – different filters. Starter pack of nine tools available for free, another 40 you can buy using in-app purchases. In addition to filters, the application has the simplest tools for processing: saturation, vignetting, brightness and cropping.

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Bioshock – the legendary shooter

BioShock is a first person shooter released for the Xbox consoles and Windows-based computers in 2007. The action takes place in a ruined underwater dystopian city of Rapture 50 years ago. The main character in a plane crash finds himself in the underwater city, where he will explore the world, fight with mutants and make decisions of moral and ethical character – for example, to kill or keep alive those or other characters.

BioShock received critical acclaim, including due to “philosophical” scenario, and a detailed world. In addition, the creators of the game has received many prestigious awards. Mobile version of BioShock available exclusively on iOS.

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