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10 iOS apps that will be envied Android users

iOS is not only more reliable but also more closed platform. Despite this a large number of games and apps that are not available to users of smartphones and tablets running Android. In our collection today — a dozen of the best exclusive apps on iOS. Android users, unfortunately, are not available.

iMovie is the video editing art

iMovie – a proprietary app from Apple and exclusive to the iOS platform. The app, designed for mounting, opens up new possibilities for video. iMovie makes it easy to study source material, to create stunning movies in 4K and Hollywood-style trailers. You can even start editing on your iPhone or iPad and finish it on your Mac. And when you’re ready to show the result, iMovie Theater will help to organize the Prime Minister on any device.

iMessage messenger “for the elite”

A number of Apple products available on rival platforms. The same Apple Music and iTunes freely is available to owners of devices on Android and Windows. But iMessage is the signature messenger by Apple, despite the rumors, there is only on devices of the company. In iOS 10 the company implemented a number unique to the messengers of chips. iMessage supports animated symbols, such as balloons, confetti and fireworks on a full screen, invisible inks — text message the recipient will see only when you hold your finger on it, handwritten notes. Auto-suggestion enables one-touch replace the text on Emoji, function Tapback allows one click reply to the message, and support for media links gives you the ability to browse and play the content without leaving the conversation.

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GarageBand is a music Studio in your pocket

GarageBand — the world’s most popular app for creating music. The solution is available only on iOS and offers a lot interesting both for beginners and professional musicians. Single touch the user gets access to different musical instruments, including synthesizer Alchemy. But to manage a vast collection, you can use the browser sounds. And all this right on your iPhone or iPad.

Super Mario Run is a runner from Nintendo

Users of Android devices still can’t play Super Mario Run. The iconic game was released on iOS on December 15. A trial version of a platform that includes a few levels, and is free, but to get access to all levels, you need to pay 10 $ (749 rubles in Russia). Nintendo had previously promised to release a version of Super Mario Run for Android, but the release will take place no earlier than March.

Camera+ – the secret of iphoneography

For people who are into iphoneography, standard lenses iPhone, of course, is not enough. You have to resort to third-party solutions with more advanced functionality. Camera+ is the best app for photography not only on iPhone but also on all mobile devices at all. Camera+ offers unlimited possibilities for creating and editing, including support for the RAW format. And this app is exclusively available on the iPhone and iPad.

Infinity Blade III – a fascinating slashers

When someone will come to mind to compile a list of “best games for mobile”, then Infinity Blade will be there – on the top lines. Game-exhibition game-technology: for example, it showed the power of the iPad, it is often called the only real blockbuster for smartphones and tablets – so expensive, beautiful and impressive. Only on iOS.

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4 Tweetbot – best Twitter client

Twitter client Tweetbot 4 is considered the best in its category. The app is available on iPhone and iPad, is a worthy competitor to the official Twitter app, which works more stable and faster due to the lack of full screen animation for the launch, ad-free and distraction testing.

Vesper – minimalistic notes Manager

Vesper is an application for taking notes from the well-known blogger John Gruber. The program exists only in the version for iPhone. Vesper is very simple – it is ideal for a virtual double of your memory. Here you can store all the fleeting ideas, thoughts and reflections.

Clear – a shopping list with a perfect interface

Affirm that lists guests to a party, shopping in the supermarket or literature for the summer – a thing irreplaceable. Especially nice to make, if there is a special app with a simple interface and easy navigation. Clear – without a doubt the most unusual task Manager in the entire history of the App Store.

Enlight – best photo editor

Enlight for iOS is the best tool to operate the photo on smartphones and tablets, which “will not need any other program.” Not to say that mobile any shortage of image editors, but most of them are simply ugly, as are turning to the old, well-known algorithms that are quite boring and slow. The developers at Enlight have built an “engine” photo editor “from scratch”, and the result is a unique app that, even with complex operations to cope literally in a jiffy.

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