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10 innovations in 10 iOS beta 3 that will make your iPhone even better

Released on Monday the iOS 10 beta 3 brought some innovations, thanks to which operating system began to feel the finished product. The list of changes is not as great as in the case of iOS 10 beta 2, but in the new release, Apple has added some really important features.

Haptic feedback on lock

Now when you disconnect your iPhone or iPad the device vibrates to alert the user that the screen is locked. This feature takes some getting used to, because at first the vibration to make the notification.

iCloud Drive

iOS 10 beta 3 allows you to save downloads from Safari and the Mail app in iCloud Drive. Also the function works with Photos.


In the Home menu settings iOS 10 has a section that displays all hubs. The user can on the fly switch from one hub to another.


Apple offers to send diagnostics and usage data of apps to improve functionality. To enable or disable the function in Settings -> Privacy -> Diagnostics and usage.

AR Mode for Pokemon Go

AR Mode has finally earned with the iPhone’s camera in iOS 10 beta 3, however, for the more convenient catching of pokémon it is better not to include. All cheats and tips games can be found here.

Touch ID

To set up your device to unlock using Touch ID in iOS 9 you can now in Settings -> General -> Universal access -> Open, putting a finger.


When selecting images to send in the Messages app, they all were cut and had the shape of a square. IOS 10 Apple changed the format of the preview, so now before sending the image to view fully.

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The new sound of the keyboard, which Apple added in iOS 10 beta 1 and removed in beta 2 iOS 10, back into the system.

Lock screen

When scrolling down on the screen lock time “moves” in the status bar.


To ensure that you always know which third-party applications using Siri, have access to your personal data, Apple has implemented the relevant paragraph in the settings of a voice assistant.

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