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10 HTC became the first Android smartphone with native support to AirPlay

On Tuesday, HTC officially unveiled its new flagship smartphone HTC 10. The device, whose name is read as “HTC one zero”, has become the first Android smartphone on the market that supports AirPlay.

AirPlay is a proprietary Apple standard streaming data. By default, the technology provides streaming media data only with iOS devices or Mac computers on the set top box, Apple TV and AirPlay speakers. Streaming to other gadgets without installing specialized software was impossible. In the case of HTC 10 talking about AirPlay-enabled by the operating system, allowing users of the smartphone will be able to stream music to compatible devices.

To transfer music enough to make a swipe across the screen HTC 10 and choose AirPlay receiver that are in the same wireless network. It is only about music content, broadcast photos or video using the “Apple” interface is not supported.

Note that on the basis of 10 HTC Snapdragon 820 SoC is, like in most Android flagships this year. However, there is HTC and modification of new items with a different platform. It is called HTC 10 Lifestyle. And the heart of the smartphone is SoC Snapdragon 652. Is 4 GB the smartphone 3 GB of RAM and Cat6 LTE modem. In other respects, differences from the older brother is not.

10 Lifestyle it is HTC will be sold in Russia. Most likely, this is due to the cost, which is high for the older version. But it is unknown how much Russian buyers cost model with Snapdragon SoC 652.

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