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10 hidden features of iOS 9, which makes life easier

Apple has recently released iOS 9, set which are all the owners of iPhone 4s and later models. This means that users have many new features, most of which hardly ever recognize.

These 10 non-obvious features of the iOS 9 will be appreciated by all owners of iPhone and iPad. The article will be interesting both for beginners who are just getting started with the operating system, and advanced users igadzhetov.

1. Power saving mode

Although the new iOS adds about an hour of work, times when you need to save battery, occur almost every day. Go to settings, in mode “battery”, and enable “power saving mode”. Here you can make it turn on automatically when a certain percentage of charge. Make sure that the function is activated by yellow battery in the upper right corner.

2. An album of selfies

Having trouble finding your photos? You will find it helpful to know that all selfie iPhone now automatically stored in a special folder. So find them quickly and easily.

3. Now iPhone allows you to send in letters any files

Experienced iPhone owners know that the Mail app was previously allowed to attach to emails only photos and videos. Now it allows to send a file of any extension. You can even attach files from iCloud. It seems that now you no need to install email client from third-party developers.

4. Draw directly on the image

This chip is already being chosen by users of Snapchat. Now, when you send someone a picture, you can select the option “Markup” It will allow you to put the photo any text or freehand drawing. You could even autograph them.

5. The search string now works as a calculator

Quickly need to calculate something? Swipe your finger across the iPhone screen down to display a menu with a search bar. There’s also make up any equation. The result of the calculation appears directly on the screen. And no need to run the Calculator.

6. Add photos and sketches in Notes

Notes from now – a very powerful tool. Almost as Evernote, only “easier” and more convenient. Now it is possible to attach a photo or something to draw directly on a virtual “sheet” of paper.

7. Hidden photo

It happens that you have stored on the phone pictures that should never see your friends or your family members. But how to prevent pick up your phone and flip through the pictures? Now you can do it. Just enough to “hide” photos. After you apply this tag, the photo will not appear in your albums and collections. But will be stored in a special place, know about the owner of the device.

8. To refuse the use of greedy applications

Right now, it is important you keep a stock battery? Go to the battery settings, scroll down the list of all options. And see which apps drain the life out of your smartphone!

9. Pull down the photo to return to thumbnail view

If you want to return to the root album, that is, the thumbnails of photos, just swipe maximized to its full size the image down. The familiar clicking of the Back button actually takes so much time… Here’s an example of innovation in the interface area, which is invisible, but save hundreds of hours of time!

10. Zoom the video while watching

In iOS 9 when watching videos you can zoom in, i.e. “zoom” the image. Just use the usual gesture of the fingers apart.

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