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10 hidden features in iOS

iOS is a complex mobile system. It is impossible to know everything about her, and given that every year the system is updated with new chips, they won’t even remember. We have collected 10 of the system functions which you hardly know.

1. Edited note together

In a standard Notes feature to add people. Click in the top right corner on plus and send the link to the right person.

2. Draw and add text on photo

Select the photo that you want to add text or something to draw. To Change The Markup. Available in different colors, line size, different fonts for text and a magnifying glass.

3. Read report Messages

If you don’t want your interlocutor know that you have read the message or not, then uncheck in the settings of the chat.

4. Magnifier for quick gains

Go to Settings — General — accessibility — Magnifier. Now when you triple press of the Home will run a magnifying glass.

5. Ask Siri to do a selfie

Yes, it will include the front camera.

6. Photos of low quality in iMessage

If you spend a lot of mobile traffic to send photos in iMessage, the costs can be reduced to: Settings — Messages — Send pictures of low quality.

7. Lyrics to Apple Music

Almost every song in the service of the word. Turn on the track, make a swipe upward and open the word.

8. Remove all notifications

On devices with 3D Touch (the iPhone 6S and later, iPad Pro with the Pencil), you can quickly get rid of all notifications: strongly press the x in the notification Center.

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9. Close all tabs in browser

If you have a huge number of tabs in the browser that you just want to close, then this problem is easily solved: hold down the Close a few seconds.

10. Send a GIF in iMessage

With the advent of updated Messages application in iOS 10 introduced the ability to install apps for iMessage. Go to App Store and install GIF Keyboard.


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