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10 games for consoles and PC that would have looked great on the iPhone and iPad

Mobile gamers recently to surprise quite difficult – we have downloaded and installed games of all kinds, simple and complex, the usual time-killers and large-scale strategy. And, oddly enough, we still lack something – maybe the depth that still could be found only in major PC and console titles.

Now iPhone and iPad allow you to run even the most complex developments, and the chances of seeing your favorite games from their desktops, tablets or smartphones has increased significantly. Last year delighted us with several very good ports of this type of games, but all of us would like to see this trend continued.

So, what games we would like first of all to see on the screens of our mobile devices? Which ones were created for touchscreens? What type of gameplay would fit perfectly in a touch control scheme? On these questions tried to answer in the App-time.


As the first part of this strategy, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which later received the expansion Enemy Within, already exists on mobile platforms, and there are quite safely, then we should expect that, sooner or later, we will see her on our touchscreens. The tactical action game from the Studio Firaxis Games takes place 20 years after the events of the first title when the aliens are defeated by humans.

On the Ground, almost completely controlled by alien invaders, again revived the resistance movement and organization XCOM fights for the freedom of mankind. The release of this development took place not so long ago, and, so far, it exists only in the PC version.

The authors do not deny the possibility of its migration to other platforms in the foreseeable future, but in near future they have this idea is not included. Although, we are confident that its procedurally generated levels look good on mobile devices, and control problems will not arise – in the first part of it is implemented very conveniently.

AAP’s Creed Chronicles

Who would not dream to see at least one game from that trilogy on mobile platforms? No matter where we wanted to be – in ancient China or in India during the period of her conquest by the British Empire, and maybe Russia – any of the locations are equally good and carefully thought out, just like the whole gameplay in General.

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This series features not only a large number of dynamics and action in it you will find many popular stealth elements, as well as from side-scrollers and platformers. So far only a few games from AAP’s Creed mobile is Pirates and Identity, but their popularity suggests that owners of smartphones and tablets waiting for new creations from Ubisoft.


After on mobile platforms appeared GTA 3, to us remains nothing how to wait for the least popular GTA 4. The gameplay is sandbox fits perfectly into the concept of the touchscreen, providing comfortable control and a wide range of opportunities for the character.

You already know how to steal cars, but, skirmishes and hand-to-hand battles you is clearly not enough – and in GTA 4 them, just enough. So mobile gamers who don’t have enough drive in GTA: San Andreas or GTA: Vice City would be happy to see another, even more dynamic and full of dangers the game from this famous series.

Fallout 1 and 2

Do you remember what the hype was accompanied by the emergence of mobile Fallout Shelter, although it is not the same as the main games in the series by genre. It is a simulator, even if placed in post-apocalyptic locations. The original game is a RPG with elements of research and of survival, which no doubt would have found its audience on mobile platforms – however, as with any legendary classic.

Moreover, in recent times the fashion for open-world games and ample opportunities to study a variety of locations returned, and seems to have returned for a long time. So far, giving us the possibility of building a private refuge in a Fallout Shelter, company representatives Bethesda promised us the advent of mobile versions of games from the main series of Fallout, but who knows… These developers love surprises.

Life is Strange

This adventure game won a lot of awards and became a sensation in 2015, has a very good chance to get on the mobile platform – about this informed the head of the Studio Dontnod Oskar Gilbert during his interview at last year’s exhibition Paris Games Week. He said that the Studio is porting the game to iOS and Android, but not on the timing, but also any other specifics of the speech does not go. Although, even this statement was enough to assure fans of the adventure genre.

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The plot of Life is Strange is saturated with cinematic elements and based on the adventures of a student named Maxine, investigating the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend. As it turns out, Maxine has a paranormal ability that allows her to manipulate the flow of time and this feature will enable it not only to unravel the many dark mysteries, but also change the course of events. Of course, from diving into such a fascinating and addictive gameplay on your mobile device will not give any one player. It remains to wait for some specifics from the developers.


This adventure game-adventure first-person is for PC and PS4, but its gameplay would look on mobile devices is just perfect, without any exaggeration. Its authors – the guys from the Studio Campo Santo, at one time was a part of the Telltale Games, so experience in the adventure genre, they do not take.

The same The Walking Dead from Telltale proved on iOS and Android very, very bad. The game with a deep storyline in which gamers have a lot to communicate, make decisions, make choices and explore the surrounding locations are well managed by taps and swipes and perfect for touchscreens. While the screens of modern tablet devices have sufficient resolution to convey stunning graphics Firewatch and its scenery, which it is impossible not to admire.

Heavy Rain

Another interactive adventure, this time from the Studio Quantic Dream, the acknowledged masters of this genre, which all of us would like to see not only on the PlayStation 3 and 4, but also on the screens of our mobile devices. After the appearance on them of the famous Fahrenheit from the same authors, we hope that sooner or later, and this fun, incredibly addictive and a grim story will be available for mobile gamers.

The gameplay of Heavy Rain is characterized by multi-variant endings that depend on your decisions. Every step the main character has a meaning and significance, and the plot is devoted to the investigation of strange disappearances and deaths of boys, leads us to an unexpected finale and keeps the tension throughout the game.

Until Dawn

Before you – a brilliant representative of the genre of survival horror from the Studio Supermassive Games. While this game is exclusive living at the PlayStation 4, and announcements of possible mobile port is not sounded. But this does not prevent us to hope for its appearance, as the development of interactive story feel very comfortable touchscreen.

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The story that unfolds in a remote cabin in the mountains, forcing gamers to make decisions on which depends not only their own lives but the lives of other characters. Two of the ten heroes of this game is definitely dying, but as the fate of the others – it depends on you.


As for the genre of this spectacular and incredibly beautiful design from Coldwood Interactive and EA, it has long been firmly established themselves on mobile platforms – Passero-platformer you’ve met quite a lot, isn’t it? This, unfortunately, can only be found on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Our dream to see it on tablets and smartphones isn’t possible, but who knows – EA porting their console games to iOS and Android with an enviable constancy.

The main character Unravel is an amazing creation made from yarn. Arni, namely the so-called by the authors travels through a colorful game world in search of lost memories. He is able to interact with objects of the surrounding world, using their own threads, those of which he and gossip. That thread sooner or later, complicates the passage, but also makes it very exciting. This type of gameplay is easily realized on the touchscreens with taps and swipes, so the port will not Unravel, in our opinion, the real wave.

Child of Light

This project of Ubisoft Montreal is a brilliant JRPG with a fantasy setting and a lot of adventures in store for the authors of the main character. Princess Aurora incredible way he found himself in a magical realm of Lemuria, must go on a dangerous journey during which she will have to face the Queen of the Night and beat her by returning to Lemuria the Sun and the moon.

Fairy story by no means turns the development into something frivolous – the game is quite deep, atmospheric and exciting. It exists on almost all possible platforms, except for mobile. Since the company Ubisoft has extensive experience porting their titles to mobile devices, the odds of ever seeing Child of Light for the touchscreen is quite high.

That’s all, and whichever game from that list I would like to see you on mobile devices?

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