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10 features that will make you buy the Apple Watch 2

Went to the year since the start of sales of Apple Watch and in the web there is information about the second generation of the device. In terms of sales during the first year of presence in the market of smart watches twice ahead of the first-generation iPhone, so Apple has high hopes for the new model.

Despite the high sales of the original Apple Watch has a number of shortcomings, which classifies weak processor, short battery life and a strong reference to the iPhone. However, Apple is ready to introduce more sophisticated watch which eliminated all the shortcomings of the first version.

1. Faster processor Apple S2

The most serious dissatisfaction among users of the Apple Watch for the “brake”. Despite the release of operating system watch OS 2 with support for native applications, the software on Apple Watch continues to “hang out” and show the wheel load. In the equipment of the Apple Watch will include more efficient SiP-S2 platform, which will solve the performance issues. Processor Apple S1 in the first generation model uses outdated 28-nm process technology, and meets power system-on-chip Apple A5. Apple platform, the S2 will be faster and will create more functional apps.

2. Independence from iPhone

Updated the chronometer will become less dependent on the iPhone, which should increase the popularity of the Apple Watch. This will be possible thanks to the integration of the new chip Wi-Fi. At the moment, without connection to the smartphone watch is able to perform only a limited set of functions – to monitor fitness activity, to conduct mobile payments, play music. The second generation Apple Watch will become more independent – will be able to send messages, emails, use maps, etc.

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3. The cellular module and GPS

How to claim network sources, Apple Watch 2 will be available to the cellular module. This will allow the device to make calls and listen to music with the Apple Music streaming without having to hold the iPhone connected to a smart watch. You will need to use an additional tariff of mobile communication. In addition, the clock will have built-in GPS module. Now Apple Watch is no built-in this module, so location-based data taken with the iPhone. Because of this, you must either carry a smartphone or to abandon attempts to fix the route of the run.

4. The FaceTime Camera

Recent data indicate the appearance in the Apple Watch 2 cameras. All Apple gadgets equipped with such a technology, so it will debut the new product is quite predictable. Camera to the smart clock will be mounted in the top of the frame of the device and will allow you to make video calls. Using the camera for video calling using FaceTime will be added to the operating system watch OS 3.0.

5. Always on display

In the Apple Watch 2 will be a special mode of operation Always On. It will always display on the screen the dial or pin to the home screen a particular application, and when the time expires, the user will be able to see it in black and white. Clock will appear on the home screen as much time as need be, and not disappear immediately when lowering the hands.

6. New sensors

Another improvement in the Apple Watch 2 will relate to the capabilities of the device out of the box. Apple has hired many experts from the field of health and will provide new ways to control health. The first version of the device came with a limited set of sensors: the device was less biometric sensors, than originally anticipated. The second generation will be more General fitness features: the Apple Watch 2 will have a magnetometer, oximetry sensor, conductivity sensor, and skin temperature and other sensors, fixing activity during physical fitness.

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7. New materials

Apple Watch offered in a case made of aluminium, stainless steel and gold. In the case of the Apple Watch 2 we can talk about new materials. In the Apple are considering the possibility of producing models of titanium, tungsten, palladium and even platinum.

8. Smart straps

If you disconnect the strap from the Apple Watch, in its mounting location can be used to detect hidden connector, which Apple is silent on the description page of the gadget. This interface port will be used to create “smart” accessories. According to sources, Apple is planning to create a whole line of smart wristbands that will connect to the Apple Watch.

9. Best autonomy

Do not expect that the new model of “smart” hours will be able to work without recharging longer radical. However, the battery life should improve. By the way, Apple has determined that the average owner of Apple Watch completes your day with 30-40 % remaining charge, and replenishing the stored energy at night usually is not a problem.

10. Full water and dust – proof

The design of the Apple Watch 2 will meet the requirements of the standard IP68, which means protection against penetration into the body of solid particles and it is water resistant when submerged to a depth of 1-3 m. IP68 — it is almost the highest possible degree of dust and water resistance. Protection Apple Watch is the first generation corresponds to a rating of IPX7. Apple’s smartwatch is water-resistant. That is to go for a morning jog with them quite safe even during heavy rain. But to go with the watch in the pool is not: the complete waterproofness of the question.

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The announcement of the new Apple Watch is expected in June at the annual conference for developers WWDC 2016, which will be held from 13 to 17 June in Moscone Center in San Francisco. The first model of “smart” watches was presented in September 2014 and went on sale in April 2015.

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