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10 features of the iOS, which not everyone knows

iOS has always been famous for the intuitive interface, but it does not mean that there are no hidden and hard to reach options. Describe some of them.

Quick save drafts in Mail app

All unfinished and pending mail, you can instantly submit drafts with a simple swipe down from the mail header. Then at the bottom of the display will show a list of tabs with all the existing drafts that can be managed in the same way as tabs in Safari.

Map zooming with one hand

In the built-in Apple maps is the ability to zoom in on a certain area by double touch. Users know about this gesture, as used in other applications and employees themselves many times demonstrated it. However, not all know how to zoom out the image on the card without attaching the second hand. To do this, double-tap a smartphone screen and hold your finger to hold them down or up.

View hidden purchases in the App Store

In iOS 9, Apple introduced the ability to hide some purchases in the app store. The ability to return them back gave. To re-look at the list of hidden programs, had to launch iTunes on PC or Mac. In iOS 11 as appropriate section appeared on the App Store on iPhone and iPad.

To access it, you need to open the profile in the App Store, clicking on the photo in the upper right corner. You must then click on the user name and scroll through the list of sub-items to a menu “Hidden purchases”. It is possible to download all the apps that were once hidden.

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Entering numbers on the keyboard, without lifting a finger

When you need to put one number or punctuation mark, you do not need to switch the keyboard layout. Enough hold down “123”,without lifting the hand from the screen, hold your finger to the desired symbol and press the finger.

Quick access to search and data entry

Despite the fact that smartphones are getting larger, the search and data entry is still often located in the upper part of the display. Sometimes saves the Reachability function, displacing the interface down. But in some applications there is a more convenient way to get to the search. Simply double-click on the button with the magnifying glass plus or any analogue in the bottom of the screen and the cursor automatically moves to the input field. For example, an application or utility, Remember Tweetbot from the App Store. In the standard Apple software this is not working.

New effects in Live Photos

Apple has said that the expanded possibilities of the “live” images, but not all used to that now in the photos app, you can use the swipe gesture to view more information and to apply effects like loops and looping.

Activation of filters during shooting

In the standard iPhone camera can “try on” filter on the photo before it is removed. For this you just need to swipe up in any part of the screen. After that, the whole interface will disappear and in its place will appear a list of filters and key shutter.

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A quick search on the website in Safari

Everyone knows how to find anything in the built-in iOS browser, but not everyone knows how to search for text on a specific website. To continue the search on the currently open page, you can click the “Share” button and find the appropriate option. And you can easily do. To take and begin a new search in the top field to enter and scroll through results to the bottom. There will be located all to the elements.


In the Phone app, you can quickly enter the last number dialed. You just need to hold and long to maintain the call button. Then in the input box will appear the number of the person with whom the owner of a smartphone spoke one last time.

Replace text to correct errors in the predictive

In iOS there is a function that replaces certain characters and words in complete sentences and in complete sentences. Basically, it is used to expand abbreviations. For example, “etc” can turn into “and so forth.” But this is not the only application.

For anybody not a secret that the Apple keyboard is often cranky. IT writes in capital letters when not needed. Constantly sticks to “TV” instead of “you”. Well, stuff like that.

Fortunately, all these flaws can be corrected. To do this, enter the incorrect word and its correct replacement. After this annoying error in predictive input, iOS will cease to irritate and annoy, as they are automatically replaced with the appropriate words.

Call forwarding

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And finally, the latest option – divert calls via Bluetooth. While talking on the iPhone to send the call on your iPad or Mac by clicking on the icon wireless speakers in the interface of the Phone app.

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