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10 features of Samsung Galaxy S8, which is not in any iPhone

On Wednesday, Samsung showed the world its new flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 and S8+, which will be released in our country at the end of April. The device is equipped with a frameless display, iris scanner and powerful hardware platform. At the moment Galaxy S8 is the most advanced device, not only in the Galaxy family, but in the Android ecosystem as a whole, so many people compare the new iPhone 7.

Galaxy S8 looks very progressive — one big screen. Nice, but probably not very practical. As the side frames are almost there, using the device, you can accidentally touch the screen the side of the palm. For false positives complained yet many owners of Galaxy S7 Edge — and then this problem may become much more topical.

Anyway, the Galaxy S8 was one of the most advanced mobile devices in terms of technical equipment. Resource BGR has listed 10 features of the Galaxy S8, which are absent from the flagship smartphones of Apple. Among them are also quite useful in real life, and unnecessary functions. More about this later in the article

“Infinite display”

With the release of the flagship of this year, Samsung decided to keep the recognizable design of its smartphones, giving Galaxy S8 display “edge to edge”, while refusing not only OK, but the logo on the front panel. As a result, the Galaxy S8 was only a small frame at the top and bottom for the earpiece and sensors. Hardly anyone would think to call this a revolutionary decision, but this move will definitely improve the aesthetics of the smartphone and made nervous Jonathan Ive.

Curved faces

Design — a matter of taste. One like the look of the iPhone, the other Samsung. But the model Galaxy S8 has a very distinctive style. In particular, the signature curved display edge. The design of the iPhone has not changed for several years. The current flagship iPhone 7 is a slim and stylish smartphone with a worldwide recognizable face. Among the design flaws is a relatively thick frame around the screen and wide margins top and bottom, which is 5.5-inch models can not boast of good ergonomics. Thanks to display “edge to edge” Galaxy S8 dimensions were more compact than the iPhone 7 Plus. Deleting the frame around the screen, Samsung was able to make the device sleeker Apple smartphones.

PC mode

Samsung has bestowed new special mode works similar to the Microsoft Continuum. In particular, along with the smartphone came a docking station that will transform the Galaxy S8 to a full-fledged computer. Connecting to the dock the monitor, keyboard and other peripherals, you can continue to work with documents or a prolonged chat. Accessory called the DeX.

The retinal scanner

One of the key innovations in the Galaxy S8 was the scanner of the iris to unblock the mobile device, only looking at the center of the screen. Gadget rasplachivaetsya after the recognition of the iris. Using this technology, you can also log into the application and carry out the payment service Samsung Pay. Unlike the fingerprint scanner, the iris will be impossible to duplicate due to its unique pattern.

Identification of users in the face

Galaxy S8 appeared not only the scanner of the iris, and facial recognition are two different functions. Iris scanner is a fairly reliable protection, but not very practical, so as to unlock more time is required and you must bring the eye to the sensor. Face detection is more convenient and fastest way to unlock the phone. As shown by tests, the system works accurately and quickly, even if you hold the smartphone out at arm’s length. However, the experiments proved that this technology Galaxy S8 can be easily fooled. It is enough to place in front of the camera of the user. Camera identificeret person and successfully unlocks the device.

Voice assistant with artificial intelligence Bixby

With the new Galaxy S8 manufacturer is doing something important — trying to create a new way of interacting with a smartphone. And build based on it own ecosystem. This method is called Bixby, and it’s artificial intelligence. It’s not so corny as it sounds — assistant Samsung is different from Siri in an iPhone. If the latter is intended primarily to supply the user with information, the Bixby should become an additional layer between the person and the smartphone. It is controlled mainly by voice, but, unlike competitors, can “break” in the middle of the task. You can call it in galleries and in three words ask you to send the photograph see someone from the contact list. The assistant will understand what I mean, it can recognize the context of what is happening on the screen (including the camera lens), and therefore it is not necessary to further explain the problem. It’s convenient — unless, of course, will work as stated.

Wireless charging

Flagships Samsung’s supports wireless charging using a special dual channel technology. It is designed much faster to charge the battery of the gadget. And Galaxy S8 not only supports common Protocol Qi, but other standards for wireless transmission of energy. Thus, the user does not need to worry about compatibility with a charger.

10-nm processor

Like last year, Samsung introduced Galaxy flagships and Galaxy S8 S8+ in two variants. Version for sale in China and the USA have got the Snapdragon 835, and for international shipments — Exynos 8895. Both chip use of advanced 10-nanometer manufacturing process. The transition to more advanced process technology delivers higher performance and energy efficiency. Apple is also working on a 10-nm processors, but we won’t see them in the iPhone until September.

Bluetooth 5.0

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the first smartphone in the industry, which is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0. Rumors about the features of the flagship appeared at the end of 2016, a week after the organization of Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced the adoption of the specifications. Bluetooth 4.2 Bluetooth 5.0 is superior to the range four times, the speed is two times.

With Bluetooth capability, 5.0 is the flagship of Samsung will be able to transfer audio to two connected Bluetooth device. In particular, users will be able to stream sound from your smartphone right at the headphones or speakers. The sound volume on a single peripheral device can be adjusted independently from the other.

Quick charge function

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S8 received support fast-charging technology. In the case of current smartphones two dozen moments, spent with a power adapter that provide up to 4 hours of battery life. Galaxy S8 debuted even more advanced technology that provides 5 hours of battery life in 15 minutes connection to a power source.

To Win The Apple

Samsung this year is in an advantageous position in relation to Apple. She goes first and the course, judging by the reaction of the users is quite strong. Showing frameless smartphone with an attractive design, Samsung raises the stakes.

Apple will have to make the iPhone look better than the new Galaxy, although to doubt the talent of the developers, year after year, producing the most beautiful device in the industry, it is not necessary. But if it so happens that the new iPhone for the fourth consecutive year from the previous models will differ only cosmetically, Samsung may to celebrate the victory. Hardly one only Galaxy S8 iPhone will overthrow with the place’s most popular smartphone in the world, but some of the buyers in the mill Samsung to lure you can.

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