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10 features and ideas that iOS has borrowed from Android

History of development and formation iOS and Android are closely interrelated. The launch of the first iPhone in 2007, the confused card worked on the Android team and has largely been the catalyst for the evolution of the mobile platform Google, the fruits of which we can contemplate. And let these two operating systems initially different concepts, but the borrowing of ideas has become quite ordinary event.

Apple and Google do not hesitate to include in their product decisions and findings of competitors, says Mobile Review. Below are the 10 most notable borrowing Apple’s ideas, its main competitor.

1. Card interface notifications on the lock screen. Plus, iOS is you can delete all notifications. Well, not to mention the panel with the widgets available on swipe left on the lock screen. In Android, it was abandoned as unnecessary and unpopular. Who knows, maybe the designers of the interfaces Apple will be able to give her a second chance.

2. The ability to hide content on the lock screen: iOS users only recently became available, the option “hide content” notifications. A useful feature, it is surprising that prior to this, Apple have thought of just now.

3. A control point. Feature removed in iOS 7 from Android, evolved and gained full-screen mode, which resembles the solution found in the Samsung smartphones, namely, extending a two-finger swipe down from the top edge of the display screen with the necessary switches. To the credit of Apple, their solution at least looks more fresh and neat.

4. Raise to Wake. Analog Ambient Display, borrowed in the new version of iOS and a new Android version Lollipop. iOS 10 automatically switches the screen if you take the iPhone off the table. Before that I had to press a button to see notifications.

5. “Unload unused”. iOS 11 can automatically uninstall applications when memory pressure without having to get rid of the program entirely. The cache in Android coped with it for a long time, and in the settings there is an option to delete data or stop a specific application. Well, it’s never too late to take care of the free space on smartphones.

6. Remove pre-installed applications. This feature was introduced on Apple devices in the past year alone.

7. The keyboard mode that allows you to type text with one hand, the addition of machine learning in keyboard for better “learning”.

8. “Clear all” for notifications. IOS recently added the ability to remove the notification all applications using a single icon, is another option, familiar to every user of Android since its early versions. Previously on the iPhone you can clean up in one fell swoop only to individual notification groups.

9. The combined operation in Notes, so reminiscent of similar functionality in Google Keep.

10. Record video from the screen. The feature debuted on the iPhone and iPad in iOS 11.

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