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10 common myths about technology, which is long overdue to stop believing

Is it harmful for the phone to stand on charging all night? What will happen with the iPhone, charge it if the network adapter from the iPad? Users have many questions about how to operate the smartphones and laptops that we use every day. And with modern volumes of information on the Internet – often false – determine if we exploit their electronic devices, it is not easy. NewRetail tried to debunk the most common misconceptions.

The more megapixels the better the camera

What is the difference between cameras with 12 megapixel cameras and 8 megapixel? As it turns out, she’s not so great. Image quality is determined largely by how much light is able to “digest” the sensor. Matrix of larger size can accommodate larger pixels, and the larger the area of the pixel the more light it absorbs. So, actually, the importance is not the number of pixels, and the size of each of them

Professional photographer Matthew Panzarino from TechCrunch explains the role of pixel: “Imagine that you are during the heavy rain trying to get water in a thimble. More than the thimble, the easier to catch them more drops for less time”. The thimble in this case, the visual representation of the pixel. To set steam water buckets are far more effective than armfuls of thimbles.

Use the charger from iPad to charge your iPhone is a bad idea

Here the situation is more difficult, the simple answer is “Yes” or “no” does not exist. On the official Apple website says that brand 12-watt adapter you can charge both iPhone and iPad. However, founder and technical Director of AEi Systems Steve Sandler in an interview with Popular Mechanics said that with regular use it can overload the battery iPhone. However, an appreciable decrease in the efficiency of the battery will take about one year.

Surfing the web in private mode keeps your anonymity

Spread the false notion that incognito and private – are synonyms of anonymity on the Internet. When using the “Incognito” mode in Google Chrome or Private browsing in Safari, you just give the system a command not to remember the history of your surfing, do not import your bookmarks and not to login to any of your accounts automatically. In short, it allows you to protect data from people with access to your computer. However, they in no way will hide your identity from the sites you have visited or from Internet service provider – so remember this when you visit those sites on which you had better not light up.

If you leave the iPhone plugged in to charge, it will deteriorate the battery

You probably, like most people, leave the phone on charge all night, even though the battery is fully recharged in much less time. Some claim that it can reduce battery life, though actually there is no evidence that such manipulations can harm your phone’s battery. In today’s mobile devices use lithium ion batteries stop taking a charge after reaching a given level of capacity.

You cannot charge the smartphone until it is fully discharged

This is also a very popular myth regarding lithium ion batteries. Setting the phone on charge until full battery discharge will not cause him any harm – on the contrary, it can benefit. The number of cycles of charge-discharge in batteries is limited, over time, they lose their ability to hold a charge. The loop is to charge the battery to full capacity after he almost runs out of power. The reason why the lifetime of your battery is reduced, is that he has already gone through many cycles of discharge-charge, and not because you put it on the recharging is not quite empty.

The higher the display resolution of this smart phone, the better

After a point, the screen resolution of the smartphone no longer plays a role. The blog Gizmodo quoted a saying of Steve jobs, who said that the human eye is unable to distinguish in detail the items on the screen larger than the iPhone Retina display. Many manufacturers of Android devices are releasing smartphones with a screen resolution of Quad HD, that is 2560 x 1440 pixels.

However, the meaning of this indicator after a certain threshold has not, since the eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels when the resolution is over 300 ppi. That’s why Apple is trying to focus its advertisements on other aspects of the display panels.

Do not turn off the computer every day

There is an opinion that a daily shutdown spoils it. In fact, regular disconnect device for him. To transfer the laptop into sleep mode, so you don’t have to wait a full cycle load when switched on, it is convenient. However, as noted in the article, Lifehacker, PC shutdown at a time when not in use, saves energy and reduces the load on the electronic components, which may last longer.

Located next to the computer magnet can erase all the data

From a technical point of view it’s the right promise – remember how easily erased information from floppy disks (when they haven’t been discontinued). However, to erase data from the hard disk, you’ll need a really powerful magnet. Experts believe that this can only extremely strong magnetic field, also well focused. So the usual magnet for fridge erase can not afford.

Cell phones cause brain cancer

Despite the fact that radiation from cell phones can be absorbed by human tissues, there is no conclusive evidence that such radiation does cause cancer. Here’s what is being said about this in the report of the National cancer Institute of the USA (National Cancer Institute):

“Despite fears that the high-frequency radiation is brought to the head of mobile phones can affect the brain and other tissues, to date there is no scientifically validated evidence of communication of radio frequency radiation with oncological diseases of humans and animals”.

More than “chopsticks” on the signal strength indicator, the better cellular communication

More “sticks” on the indicator – best for service, but this does not necessarily guarantee a perfect connection. The indicator shows just how close you are to the nearest cell mobile. However, the speed of mobile Internet on your phone is affected by many other factors, such as how many users are already accessing the cell.

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