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10.3 beta iOS 7: what’s new?

On Thursday, Apple seeded the seventh beta of iOS 10.3. This means that developers around the world began to test the firmware for compatibility with their applications and users to look for new features in the updated OS.

Once the test Assembly has received some innovation. Given that the user interface layer, she did not bring any changes, we are on the verge of the release of the final version.

The list of innovations, published by us here coincides with previous releases. The update file iOS 10.3 beta 7 is around 400 MB when you update “over the air”.

After the release of the final iOS version 10.3 users will be able to such innovations as the search wireless headphones AirPods and updated the comments section of the App Store with the ability to communicate with app developers. In the beta versions of the operating system uses the first file system APFS and, most likely, it will appear in the public version of iOS.

In iOS 10.3 the company reminds users to activate two-factor authentication by sending push notifications. New OS built-in functionality that allows to include an additional layer of protection a few steps. It is enough to specify your phone number and then get an email from Apple with a link to activate the two-factor protection.

According to rumors, Apple may start sending the final version of iOS 10.3 for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad next week.

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