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10.3 beta iOS 5: what’s new?

On Wednesday, Apple seeded the fifth beta of iOS 10.3 for developers. This means that hundreds of thousands of users around the world set a new test Assembly to learn about the changes compared to the previous version.

What has changed in iOS 10.3 beta 5? In fact, not so much. If we talk about the interface of the operating system, it is still the same. Generally, Apple stops to change the UI to complete the test upgrade, so that final Assembly may go soon. This is confirmed by the fact that the list of changes in the new firmware is almost identical to the previous list. The update file weighs around 400 MB.

The final update will bring some of the expected innovations, including the search function AirPods headphones and a new file system APFS. The latter, as we have seen, allowed to make mobile devices more productive.

In addition, Apple in iOS 10.3 reminds you to turn on two-factor authentication with push notifications. New OS built-in functionality that allows to activate an additional layer of protection a few steps. Just specify your phone number and then get an email from Apple with a link to activate the two-factor protection.

According to rumors, Apple will send iOS 10.3 on iPhone and iPad next week.

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