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10.2 iOS: why you should update your iPhone and iPad right now

Monday, 12 December Apple released a major software update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In iOS release 10.2 in addition to the functional innovations was closed a dangerous vulnerability allows attackers to access data on mobile devices.

iOS 10.2 contains new settings for the Camera, the TV app (US only) — a unified way to access movies and TV shows from various video services, new effects in iMessage. In addition, the update adds iPhone and iPad more than a hundred new emojis of animals, food, athletes and people of different professions. The update is also intended to increase the stability of iOS and fix a few bugs.

Important in iOS 10.2 concerns the vulnerability of the lock screen. A loophole through which we can pass protect iPhone, was discovered in November. With a few simple steps, the attackers can get into the Contacts app, and from it to the photo library and posts on the device.

For the implementation of hacking, it is sufficient to know the telephone number of the owner of an iPhone, ask Siri “Who am I?” Next, you dial the number, or initiate a FaceTime call. While the attacked iPhone is ringing, you press on the screen “Message” and in the opened menu choose the option “Other”. You then give Siri the command to turn on VoiceOver.

Experts strongly recommend that as soon as possible to install 10.2 on iOS iPhone and iPad to protect the device from potential attacks.

Of course, this is not for those who are waiting for the jailbreak. In this release Apple has fixed a number of vulnerabilities that will be used for hacking the iPhone and iPad. Users who plan to jailbreak, it is recommended to stay on iOS 10.1.1.

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