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10.2 iOS does not allow you to play movies copied with DVD

As it became known, iOS 10.2 blocks playback of movies copied from DVD and other sources, and loaded into iTunes. While it is not clear, it is a conscious step or still a bug in the system. Anyway, users have found a way to bypass the lock.

Download movies from DVD to your iPhone or iPad was a fairly simple process – just needed to insert the drive into the Mac, copy video to hard drive and import it into iTunes before syncing with your iOS device.

In iOS 10.2, Apple has replaced the Video app on the TV, which is, apparently, not very fond of such content. The Apple support forum is full of complaints of users who now cannot view the movies and TV shows on their devices.

Some owners of Apple gadgets say that adding the widget to the page TV “Today” fixes a problem and copied from removable media of the content displayed in the app that suggests that it’s just a bug in iOS 10.2. However, this method does not help all users.

If you are faced with a similar problem, try go to the page “Today” with a swipe to the right, scroll to the bottom and click “Edit”, then click on the green plus, which will be next to the app icon TV. Once the widget is added, you will likely see copied from DVD movies and TV shows.

If it doesn’t, all you can do today, is to wait until Apple will fix the problem.

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