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Transcend JetDrive Go 500S – most useful flash drive with Lightning connectors and USB 3.1

To the dismay of most fans of Apple technology company still produces smartphones with a memory capacity of 16 GB. This value is appallingly low, given the increasing quality of content: games, pictures, and videos, as well as several gigabytes, allocated for the needs iOS. A considerable number of users feeling the shortage of space even on iPhone and iPad with 32 GB. Transcend JetDrive Go 500S is a real “lifesaver” for owners of gadgets with a small local store. In addition to the USB 3.1 connector and Lightning, JetDrive Go boasts a compact design, speed and feature-Packed app with support for various multimedia formats, backup, photos and videos save directly to the drive.

Set of delivery and design

Miniature design of the drive can be assessed without opening the packaging, on the front side which describes the main characteristics of the device. Complete with the “memory stick” is a small leather strap and two transparent plastic cap on the connectors. The housing of the device is fully metallic.

At opposite ends of the gadget is situated 3.1 USB for connection to Mac or PC with Lightning connector to sync with iOS devices. Dimensions JetDrive Go 500S really admired: the length of the device is only 3.6 cm. It is one of the smallest and lightest drives on the market. Weighs almost as light as a feather, about 5 grams.

To achieve the small length managed, including due to the decision to combine the case with a USB connector, as if hiding it inside. Plug in the laptop drive is placed almost in half, so it is possible that the edges of the body in the future can get scratched.

Connecting the gadget to the mobile devices of Apple all right. The designers took into account the possible use thick covers and all sorts of custom accessories, so the Lightning connector is made in long format.

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Transcend JetDrive Go 500S is certified by the MFi program, so don’t be afraid of the system errors due to incompatible device. But keep in mind that the drive supports iOS 8 and newer versions.

Full list of characteristics is as follows:

  • Maximum memory — 64 GB.
  • USB 3.1 SuperSpeed with data transfer speeds of up to 130 MB/s (transfer HD video size is about 4 GB less than 30 seconds).
  • Backward compatible with USB 3.0/2.0.
  • Transmission rate via Lightning — to 20 MB/s.
  • File system — FAT32.
  • Operating voltage — Lightning: 3.3 V ± 5 %; USB 3.1 (Gen 1): 5 V ± 5 %.
  • Operating temperature — 0°C to 70°C.

Supported devices:

  • iPhone (iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5)
  • iPad (iPad (4th generation), iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad mini)
  • iPod (iPod touch (5th generation), iPod touch (6th generation)

App JetDrive Go

iOS app to work with the drive allows in practice to use the most important functions of the device. What can JetDrive Go?

First, the client starts automatically when you connect the drive to an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If you are doing it for the first time, the system will offer you a couple of clicks to establish a universal app from the App Store.

Utility has built-in tools for viewing and playback of files of different formats: photos, videos, music and documents. The list of supported extensions is really impressive:

  • Image: JPG / JPEG / TIF / TIFF / BMP / BMPF / CIF / PNG / GIF / ICO / CUR /. XBM
  • Video: MP4 / MOV / M4V / AVI / WMV / AVI / MKV / FLV / MPG / RMVB / TS / 3gp
  • Music: MP3 / AIF / WAV / AIFF / M4A / ACC
  • Documents: DOC / DOCX / XLS / XLSX / PPT / PPTX / PDF / TXT / KEYNOTE / NUMBERS / PAGES/ htm / html / rtf
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Another important opportunity JetDrive Go — fast and convenient transfer of files between the drive and iOS devices. The app is also able to backup all your camera roll photos from iCloud photo library and contacts.

The main application screen consists of four virtual buttons to navigate through the main sections. In the left and right upper corner is a button to run a setup and camera.

In the settings you can set protection data with password and Touch ID scanner, to look at the statistics used and available disk space and read the official information.

Have a built-in camera app has only two modes: one for still photos and another for video. Additional opportunities a bit. You can set the options turn on the flash and activate the front camera. But the main advantage in this case — auto-save all the footage straight to a flash drive. All files will be grouped in a separate folder, which can be found in section JetDrive Go showing all the content of the drive. From here any file or selected group of files you can transfer or copy to memory smartphone or tablet, after which it will be available under “My drive” app JetDrive Go.

In the Film duplicated all pictures, screenshots and videos from the memory of the mobile device. With all the files you can do is already familiar to us operation: delete, mark several files, transfer them to a memory storage device, freeing up memory iOS device. Given the high data transfer speed, the transfer process will be very quick.

Under “Backup” you can select the type of data you want to copy. Apart from contacts and media from local storage, the app is able to pull photos from the cloud storage iCloud. Here the user can select the destination folder to store the backup, and view the creation date of the last backup.

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If you don’t have enough memory on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch if you are thinking about a quick and convenient way to backup data from your device, if you like versatility, then Transcend JetDrive Go 500S definitely will fit into your user experience.

With its compact design, the drive is easy to carry in a pocket or compartment of the handbag. And light weight of the gadget does not spoil the impression from your mobile device, and does not weigh down him. JetDrive Go 500S allows you to get rid of the wired card readers.

The gadget will be perfect and on vacation, and during normal walking: with him you can take photos and record video even in the fully filled memory iPhone. After shooting you will immediately be able to show pictures of family or friends, connecting flash drive to computer or TV. You will also be able to sort the necessary files by storing in a memory of the mobile device and the most successful shots.

During long journeys and flights with the drive can play pre-stored music or movies. With such an impressive list of supported formats and extensions you should have no problems with playback.

On the flash drive, you can store different documents and, if necessary, send them by email directly from the app without having to switch on the computer. Sometimes it is very convenient.

Transcend JetDrive Go 500S available for purchase. The average price of the drive to 32 GB according to Yandex.Market is 4380 rubles. Device with 64 GB will cost an average of 5870 roubles.

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