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The state Duma asks Moscow to ban the use of Windows 10: “This is a threat to national security”

The Deputy Chairman of the state Duma from fraction “Fair Russia” Nikolay Levichev has asked the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev to prohibit the use of the operating system Windows 10 in state structures and authorities, and Microsoft to check on the compliance of its activities with the Russian legislation.

Anxiety Levicheva caused the privacy statement for Windows 10. The client can update the operating system previous versions up to 10th, only if you confirm your acceptance of the provisions of this document. Most users put a tick there, not reading the text. In the agreement “contains provisions that Microsoft will keep your personal and contact information”, including passwords, numbers and security codes credit cards, IP addresses and other information, said the Vice speaker.

“Microsoft explicitly States that personal data and information of users of the new operating system Windows 10 can be made available to the Corporation and various foreign state institutions”, — stated in the letter Levicheva. According to him, it makes possible the leakage of confidential data.

Nikolai Levichev asks the Prime Minister to consider a “complete ban on the use of the operating system Windows 10 in the state authorities, state companies, state scientific and research structures”. The document States that under foreign authorities may be implied including intelligence structures.

In the letter Deputy speaker indicates that because Windows 10 registers and collects personal data, it is subject to the law “On information”. In this regard, Levichev asked Roskomnadzor to verify the conformity of the activities of Microsoft the requirements of this document and if necessary to take action.

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August 19, the Moscow lawyer Bureau “Bubnov and partners” appealed to Prosecutor General Yury Chaika with a request to oblige Microsoft to eliminate violations of the law on the protection of personal information. On August 11, a similar request to the head of the Supervisory Department has written to the chief lawyer of the Communist party, state Duma Deputy Vadim Solovyov.

Microsoft denies all allegations of violation of privacy. The company says that customers can choose their own ways of using their data.

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