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People freaked out and sell the iPhone on the cheap

Little to buy iPhone two to three times cheaper than in the store? That was not a fake. These prices are real. The lowest prices on iPhone ads DamProdam. Remember...



Kaliningrad officials forbade “enemy” Skype, Viber, Yahoo.Mail and offered as an alternative to ICQ

In the municipal institutions of Kaliningrad has imposed a ban on the use of “the products and services of foreign Internet companies.” This should be the message of the press...



Experiment: to give up for a week from the iPhone in favor of the usual “dialers” and survive

A couple of years ago, the researchers calculated that a person notices the absence of a smartphone in an average of 15 minutes. Nonsense! Try to remove the gadget in...



How does Russia’s “Infinite drive” which estimated Putin

Russian programmers that submitted in July 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin “the infinite stick”, announced the start of production of the device. The novelty has not yet appeared in retail...



“Classmates” launched a fee for using gifs in messages

Social network “Odnoklassniki” has launched a paid feature send GIF images in correspondence. This fact drew the attention of the employee of “Yandex” Eugene Cheskidov. Some users “Classmates” today saw...



iOS called “a powerful weapon of the West” against Russia

The browser edition Rusvesna called American iOS weapons the Western world against Russia. After all, Apple has accumulated in the cloud storage and email server huge amounts of information, “not...


23.12.2016 Group will launch the competitor “Yandex.Navigator” Group is testing a new feature within its own map service,, which will allow users to obtain data on traffic congestion. This is reported by “Izvestia”. After updating...



The new version Yandex.Browser for Mac with a new design and protection from Internet fraud

Yandex announced a new version of Yandex.Browser for macOS with improved protection against online fraud and improved design. The program is available for download via the link at the end...



“Yandex.The browser”, said that for the first time surpassed Google Chrome on the iOS platform

Browser of the company “Yandex” for the first time surpassed by popularity of Google Chrome on the mobile platform Apple. This was stated by the representatives of the search engine....



I-MOXO – levitating column

Growing electronics market offers new options – some new items are created even for a simple perform their functions, but for anything else – for example, to shock guests. Or...



Yandex.Navigator for iOS and Android will help drivers to choose a lane

Mobile Yandex.Navigator will prompt Moscow to drivers which lane to choose. This will help not to miss a turn or navigate in a complex interchange. Tips earned on the main...



“VKontakte” denied access to the audio feed for third party apps

“VKontakte” denied access to the music for a third-party mobile applications. Thus in informal clients can no longer listen to songs from the social network. Long time using the social...



Yandex has released a new version Yandex.Maps with voice navigation

The company “Yandex” has presented an updated mapping application “Yandex.Cards”, which is now not only paves the road route, but also gives in the way of voice prompts. The program...



The Service “Yandex.Taxi” stopped work in the Crimea

Service online-ordering “Yandex.Taxi” cease operations in Crimea and Sevastopol, local media reported. On the Peninsula it has worked only for six months. About leaving “Yandex.Taxi” from the Crimea announced last...



Yandex has introduced a new version of Yandex.Weather for iOS interactive map of precipitation

Yandex has announced the update of the application Yandex.Weather based on its own technology weather Medium. In version 3.0 the program has got the interactive map of rain. The app...

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