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Rumors: MacBook Air 2017 will be the last device in the history of the line

In early June, 2017 at WWDC, Apple introduced an updated line of laptops, including the MacBook Air improved. “Air” laptop received a minimal update in the form of a new...



Details became known about one more revolutionary feature of the iPhone 8

iPhone stand out of Android smartphones, among other things, a high-quality camera for capturing photos and videos. This is not surprising, because over the camera, “Apple” smartphone has a large...



How to prepare a Mac for sale

2017 at WWDC Apple introduced new models of iMac and MacBook, and again the time has come when you should decide whether you want to sell your old Mac and...



Became known the release dates of iOS 11 beta 3 for iPhone and iPad

It is no secret that the first beta version of each new operating system of Apple comes out in the day of the presentation. So it was with the latest...



What you need to know about iOS 11 iPhone 5

If you have an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5c, then you should think about buying a new model because the support of these devices ends this year. Still a few...



Apple Maps in iOS 11 got navigation inside airports and shopping centers

IOS 11, Apple updated the Maps app by adding a navigate inside airports and shopping centers. Users of the beta version of the new operating system can already test the...



iPhone and iPad another advantage over Android

Platform augmented reality ARKit will be a real breakthrough for both Apple and the world of high technology. This opinion is shared by UBS analyst Steven Milunovic. The developers have...



Apple has released the iOS beta 4 and 10.3.3 10.2.2 tvOS beta 4

Apple released an iOS update 10.3.3 beta 4, works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as tvOS 10.2.2 beta 4 for Apple TV the fourth generation. Update to...



The new iMac was 80% faster than its predecessor in the test GPU

A couple of weeks ago as part of the 2017 conference WWDC Apple unveiled a new iMac with an Intel Kaby Lake 7th generation and improved graphics AMD Radeon Pro....



When Apple will release a new beta of iOS 11

If you have already managed to install and test iOS 11 beta, most likely you are wondering when will the next preview. Usually specific dates does not mention Apple, but...



iOS 11: how to install main frame and add effects for live photos

In the framework of the conference WWDC was the new operating system iOS 11. Currently available test version of the OS for developers, which gives an idea of what awaits...



What do you think about the new features in iOS 11? [poll]

The new operating system iOS 11 is available as a first beta for the past two weeks. The company announced the release at the WWDC in June 2017. Installing the...



6 best new features in iOS 11

In the announcement of the new operating system iOS 11, which debuted at WWDC in early June, Apple talked about many of the features of software release. It is a...



AirPlay 2 iOS 11: functionality, features, compatible devices

2017 at WWDC Apple announced new operating system iOS 11 with a huge number of innovations. One of the key innovations was the 2 AirPlay, which can stream video and...



Poll: do you buy the “smart” column with the HomePod?

After the release of the Amazon Echo and Google Home Network persistently circulated rumors that Cupertino is working on its own smart speaker with a Siri support. During the opening...

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