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Sonos has released a promotional video inspired by the movie the legendary Apple “1984” [video]

Manufacturer of audio systems Sonos have released a promotional video of “Wake Up The Silent Home”, inspired by legendary is Apple. The video was broadcast during the awards ceremony of...



12 new and updated tweaks for iOS 10, which is set

With the release of the jailbreak Yalu, many developers quickly updated their jailbreak tweaks and began to produce new solutions that are available to owners of iPhone and iPad with...



The first discovered malware that uses Word macros to attack Mac users

Experts have discovered a new species of malware for the Mac. The technique, previously used only for hacking Windows, is now being used for attacks on users of Apple computers....



How to kill Android: the experts identified three main issues with the latest OS versions

For the experienced user and developer of Android applications has always been a very convenient OS. Open source, rich features and the lack of strict control from the side of...



Users of the WhatsApp messenger became available two-factor authentication

Messenger WhatsApp has added the feature two-step verification for users of the app. Option became available in apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Test function “two-step verification” developers started...



Microsoft copied another feature of macOS to Windows 10

Microsoft released a new test build of Windows 10, which users found a familiar operating system macOS function. We are talking about the technology of “picture in picture” implemented in...



Malware for Mac that steals passwords from keychain

Security researchers Claudio Guarnieri and Colleen Anderson found a threat “Trojan” for Mac called MacDownloader. According to experts, the malware used by the hackers to attack on the defense industry...



USB-C is not a death sentence: an overview of the hub Prolink MP421 c USB Type-C to USB 3.0 4x

USB type-C steady steps wins the market, and gradually replaces the previous one, but still a very popular third version of USB. The need to upgrade peripherals and storage devices...



Opera released a browser with instant download websites

Opera has released a new version of the proprietary browser with a instant loading web sites. According to the manufacturer, the update is focused on how to make the browser...



Four myths about MacBook, or how to switch from PC to Mac and survive

In modern conditions marketing has become a formidable weapon. The PC market is very tough competition. For some manufacturers, there is an army of fans who await the release of...



How to activate multiwindow Split View and Slide Over on unsupported devices

CydiaGeek the developer has released an interesting plug-in for iOS that implements on iPhone and iPad a full-fledged multitasking Split View. Solution available to the owners of any iOS 10...



How to set delayed start iTunes, to avoid the error with a missing library on Mac

If connected to your computer external drive, it is likely that at system startup, iTunes fails to connect to it gives an error with a missing library and then choose...



Russian Twitter user has posted an ISO image of an early build of Windows 10 Cloud

As you know, in the latest test builds of Windows 10 have found mention of the new operating system Windows 10 Cloud. Apparently, this OS will resemble the Windows platform...



Apple planned to use the Intel Kaby Lake in MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Many manufacturers on the Windows PC announced their new notebooks with Intel processors Kaby Lake. Apple for the latest generation MacBook Pro has chosen not the new Intel Skylake. As...



Why do you need to uninstall the antivirus from your Mac if you installed it

The debate about whether to use antivirus software on Macs being long. Despite popular belief about the high level of security macOS, there are those who believe in the necessity...

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