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Recode: Apple close to losing users. CES 2017 is showed

Apple has never participated in CES 2017, but sooner is always indirectly been an important player. However, this year the situation has changed. As Rb says, citing journalists Recode, Apple...



“I was scared to death”: the former top Manager of Apple told the story of creating the first iPhone

“Steve told me straight that this is a closely guarded secret. He said he will fire anyone who would leak it. I was scared to death”. Tony Fadell thought hard...



Competitor to the iMac, Dell’s got a 4K display, discrete graphics from AMD and 10 speakers

New monoblock computer Dell XPS 27 presented at CES this year, attracts the attention of not only hardware, but also there are 10 built-in speakers. The product has a visual...



This year iPhone, iPad and Mac will overtake the sales of the device on Windows

In 2017, desktop and mobile software platform will overtake Apple’s popular OS, developed by Microsoft. To such conclusion analysts of Gartner, the results of the study. Both companies are experiencing...



New Trojan for macOS causes computer to stop responding by opening multiple Windows Mail

Experts of antivirus company Kaspersky Labs has discovered a new malware for macOS, which lead to “denial of service” by creating multiple drafts in mail app Mail. In the result,...



Dr. Fone: how to recover deleted messages on iPhone

New year celebrations leave traces not only in the abdomen and on the display floor scales, but also on environmental technology: in the heat of Chad revelry can be a...



Pro FLIR One: thermal imager for the iPhone that will cost buyers $400

FLIR has introduced a new adapter for the iPhone that allows users to see in the dark, to record the level of heat and to help with home improvement. First...



macOS ahead of Windows 10 in the ranking of the products with the largest number of vulnerabilities found in 2016

Fresh report of service CVE Details, a leading statistics software flaws, which received CVE ID, shows the number of publicly found and fixed vulnerabilities in different products, among which there...



Published screenshots of the updated interface of Windows 10 in the style of macOS

In the network leaked screenshots of the updated interface of Windows 10. If the information is confirmed, then in the next release, Microsoft plans to rework the design of the...



Dell has announced a 32-inch UltraSharp monitor with a resolution of 8K and an analogue of Microsoft Surface Studio

On Wednesday, the organization HDMI Forum has announced HDMI specification 2.1, which provides support for higher resolutions and human frequencies (8K at 60 Hz and 4K at 120 Hz). And...



Nvidia запускает игровой сервис GeForce Now для Mac – $25 за 20 часов игры

NVIDIA анонсировала запуск облачной игровой платформы для компьютеров на macOS и Windows. Сервис носит название GeForce Now и позволяет игроку выбрать себе развлечение по вкусу из списка, включающего более пятидесяти...



HP brought at CES 2017 competitor to the iMac without a keyboard and mouse [video]

HP has announced an unusual one-piece computer. Hybrid all-in-one interactive projector, tablet and 3D scanner called Sprout Pro G2. In order to use the device requires neither mouse nor keyboard....



Device for $100 that turns MacBook Air into a touch-screen laptop [video]

Apple computers don’t use monitors with the touch layer. It is a conscious decision maker who decided to abandon the renovation of the macOS interface. Moving Windows around the screen...



The flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 will be transformed into a full-fledged computer

The new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 will be



What would you change in iCloud?

iCloud provides a variety of Apple services, including contacts, reminders, calendar, mail, notes and others. All photos, videos, documents, music, apps and other user content stored in the cloud and...

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