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Microsoft said that Windows 10 is five times more popular than macOS

According to official data, worldwide there are about 100 million active Mac users. Microsoft in a recent interview said that the number of Windows 10 users exceeds 500 million. Taking...



Why Russia banned the proxy and VPN

On Friday the state Duma adopted in final reading a bill prohibiting Russia’s decision to bypass the lock, under the action of which fall including anonymizers, VPNs and Tor. In...



Resident of Yekaterinburg was fined 900 thousand rubles for the use of “pirated” Windows and 1C

The court ordered the inhabitant of Ekaterinburg 887 725 rubles for the use of pirate copies of Microsoft Windows, Office and “1C: Enterprise”. About it reported in a press-service of...



Opinion: Android, not Apple, killed Windows Phone

On the news about end of support for Windows Phone, the journalist of a portal of The Verge, Dieter Bo decided to look into the reasons that did not allow...



VKontakte has released the final version of messenger for Mac, Windows and Linux

“VKontakte” has completed testing of its messenger VK Messenger for desktop operating systems. The developers announced on the official page of the project. In the new version of VK Messenger...



Apple released a new version of iCloud for Windows

Apple has updated the official client iCloud for Windows to version 6.2.2. To download the free app supporting the service iCloud photo Library, can free all PC users. In iCloud...



5 hidden features of your Mac that you didn’t know

Many users who once went on macOS, don’t go back to other operating systems. However, not all users know what they are capable Apple computers. Below are five useful features...



The photographer called 5 reasons to abandon the MacBook in favor of a Windows laptop

Photographer Manny Ortiz explained why he chose the Dell XPS 15 instead of a MacBook Pro to work with photos and videos. According to him, he was looking for something...



How to install macOS High Sierra on a Windows PC

Despite the fact that macOS High Sierra is at the stage of beta testing, everyone can try to install it on a Windows PC. The task is not quite trivial,...



The iDisplay app to transform your iOS device into an additional screen for PC temporarily became free

Popular cross-platform app iDisplay allows you to display your computer image on the screen of the iPhone or iPad temporarily became free. The usual price of apps in the App...



The share of Windows Phone fell nearly to zero, iOS 15% of the market

In 2017 the share of smartphones running Android on Board reached 85%, while the share of iOS fell to 15%. This is stated in a new report by research company...



Microsoft has left millions of users without Windows 10 updates

Not all Windows 10 users will be able to upgrade to the latest version of the OS. The reason for this are compatibility issues with Intel Atom Clover Trail with...



MacOS found the vulnerability 21-year-old

The Kerberos Protocol used in operating systems macOS, Windows and Linux, the vulnerability has been found, by the age of 21 years. The vulnerability allows to get the metadata, not...



How to turn your Mac or Windows PC to Apple TV

You have a 27-inch iMac or Mac mini with a large monitor. Why not use them as a replacement for Apple TV? Instead of watching a movie on an iPhone...



“Beeline” will show your subscribers porn

The operator “Beeline” holds the selection of the supplier of the content of photos and videos with the category “adult”. The content needs to be adapted for smart phone users....

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