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Yota has introduced a new tariffs after refusal of unlimited Internet

Yota has announced the new tariffs after refusal of unlimited Internet. Now the most affordable package with the included 150 minutes of talk and 5 GB of Internet traffic per...



The media reported the possible hacking of the messenger Telegram the Russian special services

The Federal security service (FSB) managed to hack Telegram messenger, and its use may be unsafe from the standpoint of confidentiality. This is stated in the report of the retired...



Users of “Vkontakte” allowed civil marriages

VKontakte added to social network users new status in the column “marital status” — “civil marriage”. As the resource this was done as part of an advertising campaign of...



“VKontakte” has launched a self-destructing message, by analogy with Instagram

“VKontakte” on the eve of the New year invited users to congratulate friends with the help of recordings in a new format which is called “History.” We are talking about...



Media: “Vkontakte” will start self-destructing messages

“VKontakte” next week will start self-destructing messages. As told by the developer Leonti Ishimov, the service will be



MegaFon announced the decision to buy Mail.Ru Group for $740 million

The Board of Directors of MegaFon has approved the acquisition by 63.8% of the voting shares Group (15.2% of the share capital) for $740 million this is stated in...



The USA included “Vkontakte” in the list of the main pirate resources of Russia

Russian Internet-services “Vkontakte”, and included in the new list of the USA, which publishes websites violating intellectual property rights. It is reported by the office of U.S. representative...



App VK Live is available for download in the App Store

In App Store available app Live VK “Vkontakte” designed for live broadcasts of video. Download the client can only iPhone and iPad, Android version will be released in 2017. VK...



“VKontakte” launches app for live broadcasts of VK Live

“VKontakte” launches app VK Live dedicated to live broadcasts to social networks. The user can access sending friends invitations to view, group streaming, instant responses about the video card direct...



“VKontakte” denied access to the audio feed for third party apps

“VKontakte” denied access to the music for a third-party mobile applications. Thus in informal clients can no longer listen to songs from the social network. Long time using the social...



IOS 10.1.1: how to prepare your iPhone and iPad to release the exploit

On Friday, the jailbreak developer Luke Todesco announced iOS 10.1.1 for all compatible Apple devices, including the iPhone 7. A hacker is determined to produce open tools to hack the...



In “Vkontakte” now you can sell and buy an iPhone

“VKontakte” announced its own analogue Avito – service to create ads. Previously, such functionality was available only to communities, but now sell products and regular users. Browse their ads, and...



“Thank developers for iPhone”: she has lost the smartphone and thanked Apple and not the people who returned it

The inhabitant of Samara has told the story of a colleague who has found iPhone in the snow and with the help of staff of the salon was trying to...



Apple tested the Flash on the iPhone in 2008

iPhone has never supported Flash. Apple was long criticized for this step, as many could not understand how it was possible to produce a device with a browser that is...



Users “Vkontakte” massively complain about hype in audio

Netizens complained on advertising in audio recordings in social network “Vkontakte”, which now plays when listening to songs. People are asked to listen to short tracks with call signs advertising...

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