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No more “15 minutes ago”: “Vkontakte” changed the principle of work status and deprived of the “invisible” Durov

Many users of “Vkontakte” are not just faced with the situation when he wrote to the man, and then learned that he already left 15 minutes ago. Now no more...



Pavel Durov has accused Apple and Google in the largest-ever fraud

The founder “Vkontakte” and the Creator of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov said that Apple and Google “can be a part of the largest in the history of mankind case...



“Someone to read the news – a blockage of the brain”: Pavel Durov deleted all your friends “Vkontakte”

The founder “Vkontakte” and the Creator of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov on his personal page in “Vkontakte” told about the reasons that prompted him to delete all friends in...



“VKontakte” will make audio recordings of paid

In the social network “Vkontakte” will be paid features for listening to music, according to the publication TJ. Relevant references found in the mobile operator’s app of the social network...



“VKontakte” started testing their own mobile operator

“VKontakte” began testing a virtual mobile operator, evidenced by the new release. The social network has released a mobile app VK Mobile, which is associated with its plans to launch...



Social network “Vkontakte” broadcasts porn live

Users of the social network of “Vkontakte” reported that on the main page of video got video stream porn. The rollers take the main place in the online ether. Adult...



Pavel Durov has criticized Apple CEO Tim cook for being slow

The founder of the social network of “Vkontakte” and the head of Telegram Pavel Durov has criticized Apple for being slow with the update checks at application. His appeal to...



The patriotism of the Russians, brought up in the YouTube and Telegram for 8 million rubles

The social network “Vkontakte”, “Classmates”, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Livejournal, and Telegram messenger will use as platforms for the Patriotic education of the Russians. This is reported by “Izvestia”. Ministry...



Chuwi tablets became available with a discount on the stock AliExpress “Us 7 years”

Today, fans of shopping one of the most anticipated events of the year – sale of goods on AliExpress, organized in honor of the 7th anniversary of the online store....



“Why I’ll never switch to Android and Windows”: the confession of a fan of Apple

MacDigger in the community in “Vkontakte” flashed “Why Apple fans are called a “sect”? This opinion is really popular. But according to the classification of sects Apple — not exactly...



Defenders: popular file sharing sites used FSB to spy on users

Roskomnadzor has made known services to Depositfiles Hitfile and Turbobit Wayupload in the register of organisers of dissemination of information, said the publication of the public organization “Roskomsvoboda”. Thus, they...



The Apple Watch will disable some functions while driving

Smart watches have become an important part of everyday life of modern people. They are not only used to know time but also to make calls, view notifications, and even...



The blogger told of how Pavel Durov threw his smartphone with a 4-th floor

Blogger from Saint-Petersburg Daniil Kashin accused the founder of the social network Vkontakte and messenger Telegram Pavel Durov that he smashed his smartphone. The video, which in two days has...



“VKontakte” will add audio recordings live

“VKontakte” will add music in a mobile app for live broadcasts of VK Live. The author of the video will be able to live to play any track of your...



The update came out the app “Vkontakte” with the meter display and new voice messages

“VKontakte” has released an updated app for mobile devices on Android and iPhone. Now users of the social network can see how many hits scored one or the other publication....

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