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The head of MegaFon’s suggested to regulate them in Russia WhatsApp, Viber and iMessage

The head of “MegaFon” Ivan Tavrin called for the introduction in Russia of the rules of operation for instant messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber and iMessage. According to the top...


Wireless flash drive SanDisk allows you to stream HD video simultaneously on three smartphone or tablet

It is interesting times: Wi-Fi module is equipped with almost all devices, the Internet is not everywhere, but iPhone and iPad are released without support for memory cards. In a...


TV service Apple will be the “killer” cable TV

Apple, according to the newspaper the New York Post, will soon announce its own online TV service that allows you to organize broadcasting via the Internet. The company has already...


Concept: redesign of the iTunes interface

Artist Todor Rusanov shared the concept of redesign of the iTunes application. A new version of the media player with a more user-friendly interface, he posted on his page on...


Can we expect the next generation of Apple TV?

It’s been three years since the last Apple TV update. And Apple, we spent another major event, not say a word about the fate of their set top boxes. Device...


The release of the new version of Cydia with bug fixes

Developer Jay Freeman, known online as Saurik, has released a new version of the unofficial apps store Cydia. In the update 1.1.22 eliminated a number of problems in the program...


Apple has released a new TV ad for the iPhone 6 [video]

Apple released two new television promotional videos that explain the features of the flagship smartphone iPhone 6. The rollers are “Loved” and “Hardware & Software” published on the official YouTube...


Google has released an Ethernet adapter for a media player Chromecast

After two years after the start of sales of set-top box Chromecast Google has introduced an accessory for this device. This adapter allows you to connect the gadget to the...


Free iPad has provoked many kilometers tube in Samara

The locals showed us how far they can go — or stop — for the opportunity to get a free iPad. This was reported in the plot of the TV...


The network leaked information about the flagship phablets Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge Plus

In the Network appeared information about the new flagship Samsung smartphone, which will appear in the second half of the year. Leak for the models, referred to as the Samsung...


Video player Infuse 3 has received the support of folders and background audio

FireCore released a new version of the media player, Infuse 3. The program, with a user-friendly interface and a wide support of video formats, has got folders to organize movie...


Developed in Russia game console will go on sale before the end of the year

The end of the year the Russian company GS Group, specializing in the production of equipment for reception of satellite TV, will start selling gaming set-top box of its own...


Apple will refund streaming music for “Home sharing” in iTunes iOS 9

Apple promises to remove the restriction for Home sharing,” which was added in iOS 8.4. With the release of iOS 9 technology again will broadcast from the audio library. Wrote...


The story of the first smart watches Casio has anticipated Apple Watch

Japanese watchmaker Casio Computer is going to enter the highly competitive market of smart hours. The company, which presented its first digital wrist watches for more than 40 years ago,...


Apple refused to support music Home sharing in iOS 8.4

The “Home collection”, included in iOS 4.3 and later and provides you stream all your iTunes library through your home

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