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The release of Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are not saved Samsung from falling profits

Flagship smartphone Galaxy S6 and S6 edge has received positive reviews from experts, but to increase the profit of Samsung failed. In Seoul, said that net income in the second...



A Russian court first blocked torrent tracker on-demand software producer

The Moscow city court decided on blocking the torrent tracker based on the request of the company “1C”, “Vedomosti” with reference to the decision of the court. Thus anti-piracy...



Prune – Japanese beauty

Funny effect: people don’t stop abusing the TV, the Internet and games for cruelty, however, safely ignore those things in which this cruelty is not. Bet you anything that adjacent...



Apple has released a series of promotional videos for the Apple Watch, dedicated to the application of [video]

Apple has released a new TV ad for the Apple Watch. Videos Music Apps, Fitness Apps, and Travel Apps devoted to applications of an electronic bracelet company. On each of...



Apple expects to save $1 billion by eliminating inefficient spending

Apple has reduced the forecast of capital expenditures for fiscal year 2015, $1 billion on the next day after the publication of disappointing data analysts on sales of the iPhone...



MTS will launch the service with 130 channels and browsing from mobile devices

Russian mobile operator MTS has developed the service “MTS TV” to have the ability to access the Internet TVs. As told by a company representative Dmitry Solodovnikov, the application will...



Announced the winners of the best movies shot on the iPhone [video]

“I always take a video camera,” reads the Intro of a popular TV show. Now these words are true, one hundred percent. The camera in the mobile phone is always...



The designer introduced the concept of iPhone 7 with wireless charging and sapphire 2.5 D display [video]

Over the last couple of months in the vast network of publications have appeared a lot of rumors about the new generation of smartphones under the brand Apple. Many of...



Apple has patented a TV remote with a fingerprint scanner

In may this year, the American newspaper New York Times talked about the “smart” remote control designed for Apple TV. It was alleged that he will work with the fourth...



Experts: come the best time to buy Apple shares

The first trading day after mixed financial report for the III quarter of the financial year was the worst Apple stock for a year and a half. Nevertheless, experts believe...



Advertising MTS to the abolition of roaming in Russia” declared a hoax

MTS is recognized as the violator of the law “On advertising” campaign under the slogan “We abolished roaming charges in Russia.” The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) has demanded to stop...



Roskomnadzor has warned about possible blocking YouTube because of pirated copies of “the Teacher”

Roskomnadzor said about the possible introduction of video hosting YouTube in the register of copyright violators. According to the Ministry, the page with videos of the series “Fizruk” and “Chernobyl”...



Apple returned the streaming music for “Home sharing in iOS 9

Apple has kept his promise and removed the restriction for Home sharing,” which appeared in the iOS 8.4. With the release of the fourth beta of iOS 9 technology again...



App Store, iTunes and Apple Music was inaccessible to users worldwide

Apple engineers are trying to restore proper operation of the services Apple Music, iTunes and App Store intended for processing user data, says the community’s support team. In the result...



Made in Russia: how to create domestic brands smartphones

All accustomed to the fact that Russia has no own production of smartphones — we just don’t do. However, the market many brands that call themselves Russian selling smartphones, not...

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