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Samsung has returned 96% of exploding Galaxy smartphones Note 7

At the moment, 96% of smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note 7, available property to spontaneously ignite in the hands of users returned to the manufacturer. This is stated in the press...



Rospostavki Sputnik launch mail service for 60 million rubles

Rospostavki Sputnik is working on its own email service, which users will be able to register email addresses in the domain The project cost is 60 million rubles. About...



Tomb Raider and the Witcher 3 has launched on Mac via the GeForce Now [video]

Mac owners will now be able to run any game from the cloud service Nvidia GeForce Now, which before was available only to users of game consoles the NVIDIA Shield...



The main function of the iPhone, which is not said to Steve jobs on first presentation

January 9, 2007 at the conference MacWorld Expo Apple founder Steve jobs showed the audience the first iPhone. At the presentation he said that Apple “reinvented the phone again,” calling...



“The best is yet to come”: Apple celebrates 10-year anniversary of the iPhone

10 years ago, January 9, 2007, Apple founder Steve jobs presented the scene of the first iPhone. Smartphone sales, which many experts considered a failure, began on 29 June. The...



Apple’s new advertising demonstrated the possibility of a portrait shooting mode iPhone 7 Plus [video]

Apple released a new iPhone ad 7, intended for broadcast on American TV. A video called “Take Mine” (“Take me”) posted on the official YouTube channel of the company. In...



MacBook Pro saved the life of an American during a shooting at the airport in Florida

On Friday at the airport of the resort city of Fort Lauderdale in Florida shooting occurred. The assailant was detained by the police. According to the Sheriff of Broward County,...



New 65-inch TV Xiaomi is 30% thinner than the iPhone 7

Xiaomi has introduced a 65-inch TV Mi TV 4, which is characterized by a frameless design and small thickness. At the thinnest point has a thickness of only 4.9 mm...



The App store started in 2017 with new records

2017 has started for the App Store from the very busy day in history, right after the New year — a record holiday season, record breaking revenues of development and...



Apple has released a video with the best apps, movies and serials 2016

Apple has released a video “Best of 2016” that showcases the best apps, songs, movies, TV shows, books and podcasts released in 2016. Video posted on the official YouTube channel...



TrackR has introduced two new tracker allows you to track any object through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS

TrackR, the company announced updates to its range of Bluetooth trackers to track valuable items. Devices called pixel and wallet 2.0 will be demonstrated at CES 2017. TrackR is



The new “smart” Samsung TV to replace Apple TV

A new generation of “smart” Samsung TVs will include similar functionality to set-top boxes Apple TV and Google Chromecast. This became known thanks to the updating of the Samsung Smart...



What would you change in iCloud?

iCloud provides a variety of Apple services, including contacts, reminders, calendar, mail, notes and others. All photos, videos, documents, music, apps and other user content stored in the cloud and...



Samsung has introduced a curved monitor on quantum dots

Samsung has announced a new model of the monitor, which is made using the technology of quantum dots (Quantum Dot). The official presentation of the device will be at CES...



Popular video Converter HandBrake has been released after 13 years

The converters are designed to change video format for viewing the movie or TV program on a specific device or application. It can be iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV or...

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