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Jonathan Ive officially became the main Director of design Apple

Apple’s chief designer Jonathan Ive, been with the company since 1992 and have developed the appearance of most products of the company, received a new position of senior Director in...



Tim cook has headed a column of 8 000 employees Apple on the gay parade in San Francisco

Apple CEO Tim cook participated in a gay pride parade, leading the column of the employees. The event was held on June 29. On this day, thousands of gay, lesbian,...



Intern at Apple told about the salary and working conditions in the company

A former Apple Intern named brad talked about how the company employs interns, and the wages of secrecy, interviews, meetings with management and the protruding camera on the iPhone 6....



Analysts have described the launch of the Apple Watch flops

Sales of the Apple Watch for the first two months of presence on the market was below expectations, Cnews reports citing a report from DigiTimes. Even with the expansion of...



Over the headquarters of Apple appeared flag of the gay movement in honor of the legalization of gay marriage in the US

The U.S. Supreme court upheld same-sex marriage across the country. Despite the powerful LGBT lobby, in front of which bows down even elite power, the country was still 14 States,...



Apps in iOS 9 can’t learn about something else installed on the device

In iOS 9, Apple introduced a number of special technologies designed to protect the privacy of user data. One innovation was the rule prohibiting third-party applications to know the number...



Tim cook welcomed the legalization of gay marriage in the US, quoting Steve jobs

Apple CEO Tim cook, who does not hide his sexual orientation, welcomed the law on the legalization of gay marriage in all us States. In his microblog he supported the...



Apple opened the App Store section for gays and lesbians

Apple has honored the memory of fighting for the civil rights of people of nonconventional sexual orientation, opening section in the App Store with content for members of the LGBT...



Apple Watch is more popular than the first iPhone in 2007

According to the latest figures, the first “smart” watches Apple is far more popular than the original iPhone, released in 2007. This is stated in the report of the research...



Tim cook will take part in the conference, Sun Valley

Apple CEO Tim cook will participate in the Sun Valley conference. The event, organized annually by the Bank Allen & Co. in new York, includes performances of more than three...



Steve Wozniak still not bought Apple Watch

Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak still got a “smart” clock Apple Watch. The businessman has issued an order for the novelty, but decided not to exercise their right to get the...



Tim cook: the interest of developers to the Apple Watch more than the first iPhone and iPad

Tim cook is confident in the success of smart watches Apple Watch. He stated this in an interview with Bloomberg. In this there is no doubt, looking at the interest...



Tim cook explained why Apple gold iPhone

Apple takes into account the preferences of consumers from China to create products, said CEO Tim cook in an interview with Bloomberg, stressing the importance of this market for U.S....



Snowden called advertising course statements by Tim cook on full security of Apple services

In early June, Apple CEO Tim cook, speaking at a conference organized by the Information center electronic privacy (EPIC), said that the company does not use user information that is...



Samsung, by example, showed how not to Troll Apple

Marketers Samsung seems to not learn from their mistakes, because the same mistake is chasing them for the past few years. At the presentation WWDC 2015 Apple CEO Tim cook...

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