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Apple Watch is more popular than the first iPhone in 2007

According to the latest figures, the first “smart” watches Apple is far more popular than the original iPhone, released in 2007. This is stated in the report of the research...



Tim cook will take part in the conference, Sun Valley

Apple CEO Tim cook will participate in the Sun Valley conference. The event, organized annually by the Bank Allen & Co. in new York, includes performances of more than three...



Steve Wozniak still not bought Apple Watch

Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak still got a “smart” clock Apple Watch. The businessman has issued an order for the novelty, but decided not to exercise their right to get the...



Tim cook: the interest of developers to the Apple Watch more than the first iPhone and iPad

Tim cook is confident in the success of smart watches Apple Watch. He stated this in an interview with Bloomberg. In this there is no doubt, looking at the interest...



Tim cook explained why Apple gold iPhone

Apple takes into account the preferences of consumers from China to create products, said CEO Tim cook in an interview with Bloomberg, stressing the importance of this market for U.S....



Snowden called advertising course statements by Tim cook on full security of Apple services

In early June, Apple CEO Tim cook, speaking at a conference organized by the Information center electronic privacy (EPIC), said that the company does not use user information that is...



Samsung, by example, showed how not to Troll Apple

Marketers Samsung seems to not learn from their mistakes, because the same mistake is chasing them for the past few years. At the presentation WWDC 2015 Apple CEO Tim cook...



Apple starts selling the Apple Watch in retail stores

In late may, Apple CEO Tim cook during a visit to the headquarters of the company in China has promised that in the next two weeks Apple Watch will appear...



Apple has posted on YouTube the presentation of iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan [video]

One week after the completion of the event dedicated to the announcement of the new operating system iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan, the broadcast is now available on...



Apple employees complained to Tim cook on regular inspection of personal belongings

At least two employees of Apple retail stores complained to CEO Tim cook that the company’s policy on safety, including inspection of personal belongings, insulting and degrading. Complaints are part...



At the presentation Tim cook lost 200 litres of lubricant

Service users on Twitter caught the Apple that she refused to give the player the baseball team the Cleveland Indians about 200 liters of lubricant and generally kept silent about...



The FBI arrested a suspect in the theft of intimate photos of celebrities from iCloud

The Federal Bureau of investigation, the United States has determined the computer in August of last year was committed large-scale hacker attack on iCloud users. As a result of hacking...



The App Store is already available to more than 6 000 applications for Apple Watch

Apple Watch is already available in the market, opened the doors of the relevant application store. Up to this point, online storefronts offer over 6,000 programs for Apple smart watch....



Diversity for success: Tim cook about the future of Apple

The publication Mashable ahead of the worldwide developers conference WWDC has published an interview with the head of Apple Tim cook. Although the event focuses on new software products, including...



Murtazin: Apple is long, it rests only on the strength of the brand

Leading analyst Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin predicted the demise of Apple. About the gloomy prospects of the iPhone maker Murtazin told in the 184th edition of the podcast “the...

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