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Tim cook got 58 million dollars in Apple stock

Apple CEO Tim cook received from the company shares worth more than $ 57 million that will be provided to it by the parts in the next few years. This...



Lawyers found in the letter, Tim cook, TV presenter violations of SEC rules

On Monday, Apple CEO Tim cook sent to the broadcaster and investor Jim Cramer’s letter in which he disclosed some financial information about the activities of his company in China....



Tim cook said about confidence in the future of Apple, despite the fall in the stock

Sales of iPhones in China are rising, despite the massive sales of the company’s shares on the market and the economic problems in the country. About this stated the head...



Apple shares fell below $100 on the background of the collapse of the U.S. stock market

Apple shares fell below $100 on Monday, August 24. This happened because of the collapse of the local stock market amid global instability on the stock exchanges. The Dow Jones...



Apple shares fell by 4.2% because of the news about the fall of the smartphone market in China

Apple shares fell 4.2% on the opening of the Nasdaq on Friday amid bad news from China. Before the action of the American giant has closed at $112,65. However, in...



Apple TV is rapidly losing share of the market set-top boxes

Apple TV is rapidly losing market share, the report suggests the company Parks Associates. During the year the share of the television receiver Apple fell from 17% to 15%, resulting...



Swiss watchmaker Swatch has patented the legendary phrase of Steve jobs “One more thing”

Watchmaker Swatch has received a patent on the phrase “One more thing” that has become legendary thanks to the founder of Apple Steve jobs, who used it during presentations of...



UAE has granted Apple permission to open in Dubai, the world’s largest Apple Store

Apple was one step closer to the opening of the world’s largest Apple Store. Tradin



The Network leaked photos of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in pink

Chinese resource Daliulian posted a series of photos that allegedly depict the next generation smartphone iPhone 6s in the pink body. The publication does not disclose the source of these...



Apple rented in San Francisco a testing ground for Autonomous driving “iCar”

A project of its own electric car Apple is developing faster than expected by experts. According to the newspaper The Guardian, as part of Project Titan, the company leases the...



Apple wants to hire more African Americans and Asians

Apple wants to hire more women and members of racial and ethnic minorities in the framework of the policy of diversity. About it wrote in an open letter to CEO...



Catalyst presented the “world’s first” waterproof case for the Apple Watch

Catalyst has announced the world’s first case for the Apple Watch, is able to provide not only protection from mechanical damage and protect from moisture. The model is called Catalyst...



Users of Android smartphones were loyal iPhone owners

Owners of iPhone and Android smartphones are amazing loyalty – the vast majority of users when changing buys a new gadget with the same operating system, according to a recent...



Media: Apple announces 4-inch iPhone 6c simultaneously with the iPhone 6s

If you consider that each new product, Apple sold record numbers of copies, the project iPhone 5c can be regarded as the most successful experiment — the demand was lower...



Tim cook has invested in developing ultra-low-cost shower heads

Apple CEO Tim cook to invest in the company Nebia, which is developing ultra-low-cost shower heads, reports Rbc. Also cook the idea of the project was supported by the Chairman...

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