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iPad Pro is the last chance for Apple to stop the sales fall tablets

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday Apple reported record profits by the end of 2015 financial year: on an average day, the Corporation earned almost $0.7 billion But the...



Russia did not get into the list of prospective markets for Apple

Apple tries to do everything possible in order to compensate for currency fluctuations. In this case, forming the prices of new products, the company takes into account currency fluctuations so...



The expert denied the Bulk of that budget Apple more than the budget of Russia

Today, the network appeared the publication of the Professor of the Higher school of Economics Andrei Zaostrovtsev gave the talk, which compared the budget of Russia and Apple. He concluded...



Apple until the end of the year will launch Apple Pay in Australia and Canada

Year-end payment service Apple Pay will work in Canada and Australia, thanks to the cooperation with American Express. This was stated by Apple CEO Tim cook during a teleconference on...



Why Apple’s budget exceeds the budget of Russia

Income from mining is a dead – end economic development, so the presence of huge natural resources does not guarantee sustainable development and prosperity. This was stated by the Professor...



Tim cook: Apple Watch save lives

Last week Apple CEO said that he will not reveal sales figures of the Apple Watch, because this information is “sensitive” from the point of view of competition. The only...



Apple: Android users moving to iOS at a record pace

Despite analysts ‘ predictions of the imminent decline of iPhone sales, the massive demand for the Apple flagships suggests otherwise. During the announcement of the financial results of the quarter,...



15 key moments from the speech by Tim cook after the publication of the quarterly reports Apple

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, Apple announced record financial results for the fourth pinchartl 2015. Revenue for the quarter amounted to $51.5 billion, and net income of $11.1...



Apple reported a record quarter: iPhone sold 48 million, revenue of $51.5 billion, profit of $11.1 billion

Apple’s net profit in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2015, ended September 26, surpassed analysts ‘ forecasts and amounted to $11.1 billion versus $8.5 billion a year earlier. This is...



Skeptics change their opinion about Apple Watch after the first acquaintance

Before the release of the Apple Watch on sale the users were requested to visit the nearest Apple Store and try on a smart watch before order your favorite model...



Published Russian poster of the film “Steve jobs” with Michael Fassbender

In the Internet appeared the first Russian poster for the new film “Steve jobs” in which the main role was played by Michael Fassbender. The premiere of the biographical film...



Tim cook about the requirements to install “bugs” on the iPhone: privacy is a fundamental right of every person

Apple cannot crack the latest version of iOS, because it has implemented a mechanism to encrypt iPhone data, even though theoretically the company could assist the police to obtain user...



Pandora has missed 1.3 million users because of Apple Music

At the front of applications and services for iOS, Apple has clearly decided to declare war on all the competitors. A bright event of 2015 should recognize the launch of...



Jonathan Ive: Apple Watch is a product from the world of fashion

Apple Watch – a product unique in many ways and in a sense atypical for Apple. Offer their own vision of hours, the team of Tim cook entered the world...



Why you should buy Apple TV fourth generation

At a recent conference, WSJDLive, Tim cook officially announced that pre-orders for new Apple TV will be opened on October 26. In a related development, many users the consoles of...

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