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Murtazin: the iPad Pro is not in demand in Russia, has sold about 200 pieces

On Wednesday, Apple started selling the iPad Pro, the largest iPad with Retina display at 12.9 inches. November 11, the new product became available to customers from more than 40...



IOS 10 will be able to transfer money via iMessage

In the new version of the Apple operating system messenger iMessage allow users to transfer money between users. Thus, according to Quartz, chat brand Apple may be the “first financial...



iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 4: test the operation of the styluses [video]

While many argue about whether the iPad Pro resonated with fans of “Apple”, Apple CEO Tim cook is confident that the innovative tablet will replace laptops and PCs. 12.9-inch gadget...



iPad Pro and a powerful processor A9X pose a threat to Intel, analysts say

Today, iPad Pro is not able to completely replace a full computer, wouldn’t want Tim cook, but a great new tablet from Apple, of course, approaching this goal. Hardware iPad...



Last year Apple bought 15 companies, 5 of them remain a mystery

Over the past year, Apple has swallowed half a dozen companies. The name and occupation of ten of them are known, five other no information. That Apple has swallowed up...



The first reviews about iPad Pro: a great and powerful tablet that won’t replace MacBook

In September at the launch in California Apple announced the iPad Pro is the biggest tablet computer company. CEO Tim cook has positioned the device as a replacement for computers...



Tim cook on Surface Book: Microsoft tried to create a hybrid of tablet and laptop, but in the end did not work neither

Apple CEO Tim cook criticized developed by Microsoft notebook Surface Book. My experience from the device cook shared at a meeting with students in Ireland. Surface Book that Microsoft actively...



In the network appeared the first reviews of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro [video]

If the idea of the iPad Air was in subtlety, lightness and “air”, then the iPad Pro with a screen size of 12.9 inches was the “heavyweight” among Apple tablets...



Tim cook: Apple may release medical device, but it won’t be Apple Watch

According to the head of Apple Tim cook in an interview with the Telegraph, he does not exclude the possibility that in the near future the company will release a...



Tim cook: the traveling only with the iPad Pro and iPhone

On the eve of the start of sales of iPad Pro is scheduled for November 11, Apple CEO Tim cook gave an interview to the British The Independent. In conversation...



Tim cook: Apple does not call for Pencil stylus, the pencil

On Monday, Apple has named the date of commencement of sales and cost of iPad Pro in Russia. 12.9-inch tablet was the first tablet of the company, which is additionally...



Apple Watch ahead in popularity all smart watch on Android Wear

Today in the world there are about 1.9 million wearable devices running Android Wear. This is the conclusion reached by the author of the blog the Overspill Charles Arthur, after...



5 hardware features that the iPhone 7 should copy from Android

The main difference Apple from other companies is that she tries at all costs to introduce the most new and untested ideas and technologies. The company observes, analyzes competitors ‘...



Apple working on Apple Watch for over $4 billion

Publishing quarterly reports, Apple usually refers to the number of sold smartphones, tablets and computers. However, the manufacturer never said the number of sold “smart” clock Apple Watch



Rumors: the iPhone 7 will be released earlier than expected

Apple is planning to shift the traditional period of the start of sales of the iPhone 7 in 2016. This is reported by foreign media with reference to the “very...

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