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Alpine started selling the world’s first multimedia system with support for wireless CarPlay

Alpine started selling a new infotainment centre iLX iLX-107, designed to work with a wireless version of Apple CarPlay. This is the first device that supports this function. Two years...



Analyst: smart glasses, Apple Glasses will be even more successful product than the iPhone

Smart glasses Apple will become an even more revolutionary device than the iPhone. This forecast regarding the popularity of “Apple” products in the foreseeable future given a well-known analyst gene...



Reporter: the new iPad almost everything loses laptop

In the network there is ongoing debate about whether the iPad Pro with iOS 11 to replace the laptop. Outline journalist Joshua Topolsky believes that the new Apple tablet is...



Analysts believe that the AirPods will eventually bring Apple more revenue than Apple Watch

AirPods in the near future will bring Apple more profit than the Apple Watch, says analyst gene Munster. Despite the fact that wireless headphones are only $159 — cheaper “smart”...



Landing of the Falcon 9 rocket, a room of van Gogh, Minecraft, and other wonders of augmented reality in iOS 11

Apple at WWDC 2017 introduced a new platform ARKit. It is designed to help developers in creating content to augmented and mixed reality on iPhone and iPad. The developers have...



Submitted an impressive application for iOS 11, which will never appear on Android [video]

iOS is not only more reliable and a closed operating system, but platform with a large amount of software is available to users of devices running Android. At WWDC 2017...



Photo: several thousand Apple employees took part in a gay parade in new York and San Francisco

Apple participated in a gay parade, which took place last weekend in San Francisco, new York and Toronto. On the streets tens of thousands of sexual minorities and their sympathizers....



Jubilee iPhone will receive unexpected name

Recent years, Apple takes a well-established pattern of naming a new iPhone. In odd-numbered years flagship smartphone called the number and the letter S after the number. Apple has no...



Details became known about one more revolutionary feature of the iPhone 8

iPhone stand out of Android smartphones, among other things, a high-quality camera for capturing photos and videos. This is not surprising, because over the camera, “Apple” smartphone has a large...



iPhone and iPad another advantage over Android

Platform augmented reality ARKit will be a real breakthrough for both Apple and the world of high technology. This opinion is shared by UBS analyst Steven Milunovic. The developers have...



Apple has attracted to combat leaks the best experts of the FBI and the NSA

Record of briefing against leaks, conducted for employees of Apple with representatives of the security service of the company, became public. It became known that the Corporation essentially has its...



Trust rating Tim cook among Apple employees is reduced

Amid criticism of the head of Apple Tim cook from the number of analysts and investors of the company, claiming that he is not Steve jobs, the rating of trust...



The entry of Apple briefing on the prevention of leaks into the open access

The network got the internal briefing of Apple, dedicated to the fight against leaks of classified information, the publication of the Outline. The event lasted about an hour. The briefing,...



Tim cook: “In the US should be the world’s most advanced government. While it is not”

The President of the United States Donald trump held at the White house the first meeting of the technical Council, which was attended by the heads of 18 major American...



Users talking about facial expressions Tim cook at the meeting with trump

The President of the United States Donald trump held a meeting of the American technology Council, which brought together the heads of major U.S. companies-including Apple CEO Tim cook. The...

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