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Tinkov has opened a “vacancy Jonathan Ive”, which is ready to give up to 1% of the shares in Tinkoff Bank

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Tinkoff Bank” Oleg Tinkov announced that he is looking for a designer who “will be his Jonathan YWAM”. About this he...



When will the next revolutionary Apple product?

Apple is the market leader in mobile devices. The company from Cupertino has released the most popular in the history of smartphone, tablet and smart watch, broke all sales records...



Tim cook: Steve jobs would love Apple Pencil

After leaving as head of Apple Steve jobs in 2011, Tim cook officially became CEO. As observers, on the post of CEO cook makes the company more open and tries...



The lack of headphone Jack on the iPhone 7: the failure, which was not

Despite the fact that the iPhone 7 was released in September last year, before the publication of the recent quarterly report, Apple to understand how it was popular, it was...



Why Apple and other companies “Silicon valley” so you hate trump?

It is no secret that the heads of large companies of “Silicon valley” has taken a very hostile position to Donald Trump. What is the attitude of the IT industry...



Media: in the summer Apple will introduce augmented reality glasses created in collaboration with Carl Zeiss

Apple is developing their own equivalent of “smart” points Google Glass. A new device is created together with the company Carl Zeiss, and will include augmented reality technology. According to...



Tim cook: Apple pays more taxes than any other company in the world

Apple pays more taxes than any company in the world. About this CEO of the Corporation Tim cook said in an interview with the French newspaper Figaro. According to cook,...



Apple CEO Tim cook in France, met a famous fashion designer Julien Fournier and co-founders of the service VizEat

After visiting two Apple stores during a trip to France Tim cook met with several prominent figures, including famous French fashion designer Julien Fournier and co-founders of the service to...



The Apple store employees in France welcomed Tim cook whistling and applause [video]

Apple CEO Tim cook made a surprise visit to the company store company in Marseille, France. About it writes local edition Staff and visitors outlets was not expecting a...



Accessory AirHooks solves the main problem with headphones AirPods

Release AirPods at the end of last year was held under the slogan “the magic Apple”, accompanied by tirades of experts, claiming that Tim cook didn’t break a promise and...



Tim cook will receive an honorary degree at the University of Glasgow

Apple CEO Tim cook will receive an honorary degree at the University of Glasgow for his contribution to the development of society. After the ceremony there will be a session...



What was silent in Cupertino: Apple’s record quarter was a week longer than usual

This week, Apple reported for the holiday quarter. In the frame of reference of the company on 31 December 2016 ended the first quarter of the 2017 financial year. During...



MacBook Pro with Touch Bar was much more than expected in the Apple

Now Apple is regarded primarily as a manufacturer of smartphones, but the company computers, despite the delay with the updates that are in demand. From the recent financial report, Apple...



Shareholders demanded Apple to increase the number of Asians and blacks in the management of the company

The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) published the text of the resolution submitted to the shareholders of Apple. The holders of shares of “Apple” giant again expressed dissatisfaction...



When can we expect a revolutionary new iPad?

Every time at the next quarterly conference Apple it comes to the dynamics of disappointing iPad sales, the company starts looking for reasons to be optimistic in such amorphous factors...

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