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AirPods for a few days became the most popular in the world of wireless headphones

AirPods wireless headphones went on sale two months later than initially planned. It happened in mid-December, but since that time, the device managed to gain popularity among users. According to...



“American iPhone should disappear after Obama”: the journalist talked about the end of the era of Apple

The Apple should disappear together with US President Barack Obama. This opinion was expressed by RT commentators who believe that “both brands invented and promoted the same circle of people.”...



Why Apple decided to release iPhone 7 in color “white onyx”

According to research company Statista study the popularity of iPhone in the period from 2007 to 2016, sales of Apple smartphones fell for the first time for all time of...



Top reasons why users abandon Android and move to iPhone

After the release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus many get the idea to go on iOS, the list of innovations for it: amazing camera, blazing performance, waterproof design,...



Recode: Apple close to losing users. CES 2017 is showed

Apple has never participated in CES 2017, but sooner is always indirectly been an important player. However, this year the situation has changed. As Rb says, citing journalists Recode, Apple...



iPhone bury too early

In 2016 the share of Apple had a lot of pessimistic forecasts. The annual profit of the company for the first time began to decline. However, in General the company...



“I was scared to death”: the former top Manager of Apple told the story of creating the first iPhone

“Steve told me straight that this is a closely guarded secret. He said he will fire anyone who would leak it. I was scared to death”. Tony Fadell thought hard...



Media: Apple is working with Carl Zeiss on its own with the augmented reality glasses

Sources received confirmation of the rumors about the Apple product developments in the area of augmented reality. Well-known journalist and technical expert Robert Scoble claims that the company’s specialists provide...



Phil Schiller: iPhone was a revolution 10 years ago and remains out of competition

To treat iPhone differently, but to deny the impact of the smartphone on the mobile market it is unlikely that someone will become. iPhone 2G was announced 10 years ago,...



Murtazin: iPhone has long been a benchmark for the market of Chinese smartphones can do even more, and cost twice cheaper

Today the iPhone was 10 years old. The original model and subsequent Apple devices have become kind of a cult: despite the high cost and not the broad functionality of,...



The share of Mac in the PC market was reduced to a minimum over the last 5 years

Apple CEO Tim cook earned in 2016, the small reward compared to the other top managers of the company. This is due to the fact that last year the company...



“The best is yet to come”: Apple celebrates 10-year anniversary of the iPhone

10 years ago, January 9, 2007, Apple founder Steve jobs presented the scene of the first iPhone. Smartphone sales, which many experts considered a failure, began on 29 June. The...



Alpine has released the first multimedia system with support for wireless CarPlay

Alpine has announced a digital car stereo the iLX-107, which is designed specifically to work with the wireless version of automotive technology Apple CarPlay. 7 inch head unit is reportedly...



Apple slashed the salary of CEO Tim cook because of weak performance in 2016

Apple CEO Tim cook earned in 2016, less $8.7 million, as the company has not reached its goals for financial performance. About this MacRumors reports with reference to the documents...



Apple found a way to solve the problem of hair loss AirPods ears

The release of the AirPods is held under the slogan “the magic Apple” and is accompanied by tirades of analysts, who claim that Tim cook has not broken his promise...

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