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New Apple campus Park will open in April

Apple has announced that Apple Park, the new campus area of over 70 hectares, will be ready to start moving employees in April. The process of moving jobs, and that...



They killed the iPhone: named 10 of the most unusual phones of the previous epoch

Portrait of a modern smartphone — aluminum “pan” with an enormous screen, fingerprint scanner and camera. If it is good pay, around the display a little “cut” the frame, here...



Apple wants to move production of iPhone in USA

The US President-elect Donald trump demands that Apple and other American companies have moved their production into the country. In the case of the “Apple” giant is fraught with difficulties,...



Fan of Apple recreated in Minecraft new headquarters in the form of a spaceship

Video blogger Alex Westerland recreated the new headquarters Apple Campus 2 in the form of a flying saucer in the game Minecraft. He uploaded it to YouTube two-minute video, which...



Apple became the leader of the rating companies is admirable, Samsung dropped out of the top 50

Apple is the tenth year in a row topped the rating of companies is admirable, compiled by the authoritative magazine Fortune. Samsung this year dropped out of the top 50...



The manufacturer of clones of iPhone introduced a smartphone with 3 GB of RAM for $100

Meizu has expanded its range of new smartphone M5s — M5 version of the machine, enclosed in a metal casing. The cost of new items is just over $100. The...



Billionaire Warren Buffett became the owner of the Apple shares for $1.7 billion

According to the Commission on securities and stock operations of the US investment company Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett has significantly increased its share in Apple in the final quarter of...



10 things the iPhone changed our lives

10 years ago Nokia was the king of the mobile market, but that all changed on January 9 2007 when Steve jobs introduced the first iPhone mobile phone, music player...



Apple CEO about the “ban on Muslims” trump: Steve jobs was the son of an immigrant

It is no secret that the father of Steve jobs was a native of Syria, migrated to the United States. In light of the recent decrees of the President, Donald...



When will the next revolutionary Apple product?

Apple is the market leader in mobile devices. The company from Cupertino has released the most popular in the history of smartphone, tablet and smart watch, broke all sales records...



Tim cook: Steve jobs would love Apple Pencil

After leaving as head of Apple Steve jobs in 2011, Tim cook officially became CEO. As observers, on the post of CEO cook makes the company more open and tries...



Incredible attention to detail Apple has shown in the construction of the headquarters of Apple Campus 2

Apple stands out among the others on the market, the attention to detail inherited from her inspirer and founder Steve jobs. Placement of equipment in the stores, the colors used...



5 ideas that Android copied Apple and has perfected

In may and June of this year will take place the Google I/O conference and Apple’s WWDC, in which Google and Apple will unveil new versions of its mobile OS....



Apple, Google and Facebook are preparing an open letter to Trump demanding to remove immigration ban

The largest American IT companies, including Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Amazon are preparing an open letter in connection with the decision of the President of the United States Donald...



14 possible name for the next version of macOS

In 2013 Apple operating system called macOS in honor of those places in California that inspire the company. So macOS 10.9 has been called “Mavericks” in honor of the surfing...

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