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Street Steve jobs in Paris won’t: why government changed its decision

The streets of Steve jobs, which was to appear in the South-East of Paris, now will not. The proposal was blocked by the Communists and “green” from the municipal Council...



What everyone hated Apple, but in the end she was right

The last technical decisions Apple made a lot of noise. The iPhone 7 has gone a 3.5 mm audio Jack, the new MacBook Pro replaced the usual connectors on the...



What needs to change to Apple, not to stay on the side of progress?

Journalist Matthew Yglesias wrote a column for Vox about how the functional structure of management in the Apple prevent us to move on and compels her to leave the markets....



Apple tested the Flash on the iPhone in 2008

iPhone has never supported Flash. Apple was long criticized for this step, as many could not understand how it was possible to produce a device with a browser that is...



The worst year cook? Journalists called the 8 main failures of Apple in 2016

In 2016, Apple tried again to surprise the fans and market analysts. Visitors to Internet forums to actively talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the new MacBook Pro, wondering...



On eBay put a sealed first-generation iPhone for 1.2 million rubles

Almost 10 years ago, in January 2007, Steve jobs introduced a new “revolutionary communication device”: a widescreen iPod, Internet Communicator and mobile phone. iPhone all-in-one. Six months later, on 29...



3 reasons why you think that Apple “is not a cake”

In one of his interviews the head of the company LeEco, Chinese billionaire Jia Yuting, broke the flow of criticism of Apple. He said that “Apple” the Empire is no...



3 reasons why Apple can translate a Mac on its own ARM processors

This week Microsoft and Qualcomm during the event Windows Hardware Engineering Community has announced plans to ensure the health of the operating system Windows 10 on devices with Snapdragon processors....



Compare iPhone 2G with the first Android smartphone [video]

It is no secret that a close friendship between two giants of the Silicon valley ended with the release of the first iPhone. Steve jobs never forgave Google-developed operating system...



Tele2 released a smartphone is style of presentation of Apple with Steve jobs [video]

Tele2 has launched a new advertising carrier smartphone, which parodied Apple’s live event. In the video, the company touts the phone Tele2 Mini price in 2490 rubles. Advertising focuses on...



Foxconn is considering moving production of the iPhone in the US

Foxconn intends to invest in manufacture on U.S. soil, reports CNBC. According to the channel, investment, the largest assembler of Apple devices will reach $7 billion. In November it was...



Donald trump has invited Tim cook and other CEOs of the largest American IT companies for talks

The new US President Donald trump invited the heads of major IT companies in Silicon valley for a roundtable in new York, The New York Times reported. Among the guests...



Apple is not the same? Why are those wrong who predicted the collapse of the “Apple” of the Empire

Lately, probably everyone has heard that Apple is not the same, the company is doomed and has no future. Investors dissatisfied with low sales growth, and the iPhone and other...



Analyst: don’t expect Apple revolutionary product under Tim Cook

Apple is changing the direction given by the company’s founder Steve jobs. To the current time the company has always been a step ahead of its competitors and released revolutionary...



French Communists criticized the idea to name a street in Paris in honor of Steve jobs

Politicians in France proposed to name a street in the capital in honor of Apple co-founder Steve jobs. Member of the socialist party Jerome Come and the mayor of the...

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