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The biopic of Steve Jobs will be the main premiere new York film festival

The film is Danny Boyle’s “Steve jobs” with Michael Fassbender in the title role, will be presented at the new York film festival. About this newspaper The Hollywood Reporter. The...



10 sayings from Steve jobs about design, creativity and marketing

It’s been four years since the death of Steve jobs, which for some, was the personification of material success, for others – a visionary that changed our world, and for...



The first trailer for the provocative film “Steve jobs: the man in the car” [video]

When at the beginning of this year held a private screening of the documentary by Alex Gibney “Steve jobs: man in the machine” (Steve Jobs: The Man in The Machine),...



Steve jobs in 2003: music subscription services are doomed to failure

The legendary Apple founder Steve jobs never minced words. Even without the use of profanity, it was all tightly set priorities for your Corporation and describe the weaknesses and mistakes...



Apple has hired the former head of Fiat Chrysler to work on the project Apple Car

Apple is developing its own electric car. According to reports The Wall Street Journal, on a project called “Titan” has a team of several hundred people. Recently it was joined...



The President of the United States can be a fan of Apple [video]

Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, who decided to become President of the United States, is a fan of Apple. Their commitment to product “Apple” brand, he said in a...



20 of the best quotes of Steve jobs

Steve jobs is an iconic personality in the world’s history of innovation. 39 years ago together with a colleague and friend Steve Wozniak, he created the company Apple, which today...



“The messenger” called 10 reasons to buy an iPhone 4s right now

About the iPhone 4s you could say simply: the smartphone is still relevant. Apple every gadget released with the expectation that he could for many years to compete with devices...



Xiaomi about the accusations of stealing ideas: all smartphones like iPhone [video]

Last year, Apple’s chief designer Jonathan Ive sharply spoke negatively about copying ideas. According to Quince, it is not about copying, but about the theft of intellectual property. He failed...



The Creator of “the player for audiophiles” Neil young has removed their albums from Apple Music “low sound quality”

Canadian rock musician Neil young refused streaming and closed to listen his music on the Apple Music service. According to him, music service, Apple does not provide adequate sound quality....



Why the Apple Watch can’t be considered a failure product

Earlier this week, research firm Slice Intelligence reported that cumulative sales of the Apple Watch in the U.S. for the three months amounted to 3 million units. And before that...



Mozilla and Facebook have declared war on Flash

Two large companies are openly opposed to Adobe Flash. Facebook was limited to an official statement, as Mozilla has implemented the idea in practice. Chief Director of security at Facebook...



Golden jobs every morning the staff meets Chinese IT company

In China I love Apple products, especially in the performance of gold. One of the Chinese IT companies even decided to install a Golden bust of the fruit company founder...



The journalist who tested all flagship Android smartphones, iPhone 6 recommends

iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus is such a top-end smartphone experts recommend Delfi. His conclusion they did after studying all of the top communicators in 2015. The reviewers of...



Know everything owned units: 10 exclusive Apple products

Most people, even if not fluent mobile gadgets Apple or Mac, you still heard about such products as iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, not to mention the MacBook. Some,...

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