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“Steve jobs” was successfully launched at the American rental

On Friday in us cinemas was the debut of the biographical film about Steve Jobs with Michael Fassbender in the title role. According to foreign media, debuted in four theaters,...


Murtazin lost the argument to the General Director of “Beeline” and now have to work in the bee costume

Leading analyst Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin, regularly criticizing Apple products, acknowledged his defeat in a dispute with the General Director of “Beeline” Mikhail slobodnim. Despite the forecast Murtazin, head...


Did not look, but condemn: Apple’s head of design criticized the new film about Steve Jobs

The chief designer of Apple Jonathan Ive has criticized a new movie about Steve Jobs. He admitted that the biopic was not looking, but believes that the legacy of the...


Sorkin rewrote the script of the biopic after his meeting with the daughter of Steve jobs

Strained relationship Steve jobs with his first daughter Lisa play an important role in the upcoming film about the life of the founder of Apple. However, as told screenwriter Aaron...


Google creates an analogue of the news Apple and Facebook

Google introduced the project Accelerated Mobile Pages, which was the result of a collaboration of American corporations with technology companies and 30 publications. This innovation will allow users to quickly...


Why is Apple always the presentation is better than other companies

On Tuesday, Microsoft introduced two new Lumia flagship smartphone, laptop and tablet for Surface, a second version of the smart bracelet Band and augmented reality glasses HoloLens. But despite the...


The other side of Steve jobs [video]

Steve jobs died 5 October 2011. As stated by U.S. President Barack Obama, this man stands among the greatest of American innovators — brave enough to think differently, bold enough...


Published fresh aerial shots from the construction site of a new Apple campus [video]

In 2011, the late Steve jobs announced Apple’s plans to build a new campus in the shape of a spaceship. Today in the Internet appeared fresh video about the construction...


Four years without a jobs: after recognition of Tim cook’s giant iPhone sold and returned to Russia not going

The four-year anniversary of the death of Steve jobs fans of Apple in St. Petersburg to celebrate anywhere. In November last year after the recognition of the head of the...


Tim cook called on to honor the memory of Steve jobs on the anniversary of his death

In August 2011, Steve jobs said he was leaving as head of Apple. October 5, 2011, jobs died at his home in California. A terrible diagnosis — cancer of the...


Apple entered the top three most influential people in the world

Bloomberg published a list of the most influential people in the world. Apple CEO Tim cook


Widow of Steve jobs tried to stop the shooting of the film about the Apple founder

The widow of the Apple founder and his close friends stated that the new film “Steve jobs” Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin downplays the achievements of the inventor and shows...


iOS 9 was more popular than iOS 8, but less popular than iOS 7

The new mobile operating system iOS 9 two weeks later was installed on 47% of active iOS devices. According to statistics from Localytics, the rate of distribution released September 16,...


Steve Wozniak told how he and Steve jobs robbed the pizzeria

The Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on the transfer of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon told the story of a robbery that happened to him over 40 years ago. It...


Developer Macintosh: the movie “Steve jobs” has little to do with reality

In anticipation of the world premiere of the biopic about Steve Jobs, scheduled for 9 October, view the picture shared team members Macintosh. Former Apple employees praised the picture, but...

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