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Apple is developing augmented reality glasses

Analyst gene Munster from Piper Jaffray has information according to which Apple is working on its own consumer devices augmented reality, reports Holographica. Munster pointed to a number of facts...



What would happen if a defective Galaxy Note 5 Apple has released

The media often exaggerate the noise, when Apple makes mistakes. Even the most minor. At the same time, the problems with tableta Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will not hit the...



Tim cook welcomed the Apple employees who came to the gay parade in Texas [photos]

Apple employees took part in the gay parade, which took place this weekend in Austin, Texas. On 30 August on the streets of the city has left tens of thousands...



Michael Fassbender: I don’t need to be like Steve jobs

One of the most frequent criticisms addressed to the new biopic “Steve jobs” is that performing the main role actor Michael Fassbender is not like jobs. In an interview with...



Journalists learned the venue of the presentation of the iPhone 6s

Apple has reserved the September conference hall in the exhibition center Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, reports a local newspaper Hoodline. The event will be held in the...



5 challenges which are waiting for the user when switching from iOS to Android

From time to time iPhone owners decide to change something in your life and buy an Android smartphone. Reckless decision associated with a number of compromises that need to be...



“The greatest designer of our time” by Jonathan Quince was invited to speak at the conference, Vanity Fair

In October of this year, Apple lead designer Jonathan Ive, will speak at the annual conference of Vanity Fair. Event organizers in a press release called Quince “the greatest industrial...



Published the first poster of the film “Steve jobs” with Fassbender in the lead role

Universal studios has released the first poster of the film “Steve jobs” about the inventor of the iPhone and the co-founder of Apple. The main role in the film was...



Tim cook got 58 million dollars in Apple stock

Apple CEO Tim cook received from the company shares worth more than $ 57 million that will be provided to it by the parts in the next few years. This...



The head of the Swiss Swatch: Apple Watch is a toy, not a revolution

The head of Swiss watch company Swatch Group Nick Hayek repeated his recent thesis about the watch Apple Watch. In an



Why Apple refused the letter “i” in the name of their products

iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad… Apple Watch – that is, feel the difference. Despite numerous reports of insiders, the “Apple” device called the “iWatch” last year, we have not shown. Instead,...



Swiss watchmaker Swatch has patented the legendary phrase of Steve jobs “One more thing”

Watchmaker Swatch has received a patent on the phrase “One more thing” that has become legendary thanks to the founder of Apple Steve jobs, who used it during presentations of...



BMW Steve jobs auctioned for $15 000

Few people know that Steve jobs was the owner of the car Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG, which he constantly moved. At the time this car was one of the fastest...



Should you buy the Apple Watch

Apple continues to follow the path of Steve jobs, making the revolution for the revolution. In 2007 iPhone, 2010 iPad was born and in the last year 2014 the world...



Apple redesign: how to change the Apple website since 1997

For nearly 15 years we live in the new Millennium, but did not seem to notice anything new. The chasm between past and present is easy to notice, if you...

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