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Apple has devised a stylus for the iPad, “which would be approved by Steve jobs”

The legendary Apple founder Steve jobs never minced words. Even without the use of profanity, it was all tightly set priorities for their company and described the weaknesses and mistakes...



First beloved Steve jobs demanded his $25 million, threatening to publish a book of memoirs

Christine Ann Brennan, with whom Steve jobs met while studying in College, blackmailed founder of Apple. She threatened to publish written her a book of memories, if the jobs don’t...



The designer showed a concept iPhone with 10 “circular” screen and a built in display, Touch ID scanner

Theme smartphone with a display that is “wrapped” around the body, has long occupied the minds of designers. Start putting published a few years ago, the Apple patent, which describes...



Released the second trailer of the movie “Steve jobs” with Michael Fassbender [video]

Studio Universal Pictures has released the second full trailer for Steve jobs. The second biopic based on the story of the legendary inventor, filmed by British Director Danny Boyle (“Slumdog...



Vice President Samsung is copying Steve jobs

Samsung has again caught up to Apple. At this time the distinguished Vice-President of the South Korean company George. R. Rotter, who was fascinated with the image of the founder...



Widow of Steve jobs has become the richest woman in the field of IT according to Forbes

Forbes magazine published a rating of the richest figures in the field of IT. In the first place was the head of Microsoft bill gates with $79,6 billion, who also...



In the USA will put an Opera based on the life of Steve jobs “The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs”

The life of Apple founder Steve jobs has attracted many creative people. She inspired them to write the biography, a documentary and two feature films. And in 2017 at the...



Apple opened the developer to create “amazing” apps for Android

The first Android app Apple Music and Move to Apple’s iOS can only be the beginning of the expansion of Apple “enemy platform”. New vacancies on the website of Cupertino...



Pinterest has hired former Apple designer Susan Kare

American designer Susan Kare, who in the 1980s worked at Apple, joined the service of Pinterest. She will lead the product design, to work on interfaces for the web version...



Apple has patented a stylus for the iPad that allows you to feel the image on the display

In recent days, quite a lot of news about the new Apple’s patents. One of the latest applications filed by cupertinos, describes a “smart” stylus iPen. It should be noted...



The biopic of Steve Jobs will be the main premiere new York film festival

The film is Danny Boyle’s “Steve jobs” with Michael Fassbender in the title role, will be presented at the new York film festival. About this newspaper The Hollywood Reporter. The...



10 sayings from Steve jobs about design, creativity and marketing

It’s been four years since the death of Steve jobs, which for some, was the personification of material success, for others – a visionary that changed our world, and for...



The first trailer for the provocative film “Steve jobs: the man in the car” [video]

When at the beginning of this year held a private screening of the documentary by Alex Gibney “Steve jobs: man in the machine” (Steve Jobs: The Man in The Machine),...



Steve jobs in 2003: music subscription services are doomed to failure

The legendary Apple founder Steve jobs never minced words. Even without the use of profanity, it was all tightly set priorities for your Corporation and describe the weaknesses and mistakes...



Apple has hired the former head of Fiat Chrysler to work on the project Apple Car

Apple is developing its own electric car. According to reports The Wall Street Journal, on a project called “Titan” has a team of several hundred people. Recently it was joined...

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