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Director of a documentary film about Steve Jobs: “He was a tyrant and a jerk”

Steve jobs has long been elevated to the rank of God. But he had a lot of quite earthly weaknesses: short temper, pettiness, greed and irresponsibility. In the U.S., has...



The media reported ultra-high resolution displays of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

Have been discussed that resolution of Full HD and Quad HD on the tiny screens of mobile devices redundant to the human eye. However, the manufacturers of smartphones several times...



Wozniak delighted with the new biopic about Steve Jobs

The new biopic “Steve jobs”, an indoor whose premiere took place at the film festival Telluride Film received positive reviews from journalists. Chief film critic edition of Variety’s Justin Chang...



Apple compared with the Church of Scientology

Apple products and the very ideology of this company resemble, if not a cult, at least philosophy. But there are those who believe that the brainchild of Steve jobs close...



User hours on Android Wear told about his impressions of the Apple Watch after a month of use

At the end of July in Russia officially started selling the Apple Watch. Smart watches, as revealed in the lengthy process of testing, have not only advantages, but disadvantages of...



iPhone with the letter “S”: update history

Left quite a bit of time to the moment when Tim cook with his characteristic restraint will present the world iPhone 6s. This year is odd, and therefore he will...



Wozniak: Steve jobs didn’t know the technology and just wanted to be important

The Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said during the online broadcast Reach A Student that the story of the brilliant Steve Jobs, solely because of that “Apple” the company has reached...



Private screening of the film “Steve jobs” will be held at the film festival in Telluride September 5

After the death of Steve jobs, his personality continues to gain popularity. In honor of the founder of Apple called the streets, put up monuments, write books and make films....



The court ordered Apple, Google and Intel to pay employees $415 million on the lawsuit about salary collusion

Four American companies in the field of Internet and high technology – Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe – ordered to pay compensation in the amount of $415 million to settle...



Video of the day: the construction progress of Apple’s new campus from the height of bird’s flight

Blogger Duncan Sinfield spent aeromedevac on the place of erection of the new Apple headquarters. When it is finished, and it should happen in 2016, the building will resemble a...



The authorities of Cupertino has posted an aerial image of the “flying saucer” Apple

Apple has posted an aerial photo of its new headquarters, which is in the process of construction. The picture “office space” published on the official website of the administration of...



Apple is developing augmented reality glasses

Analyst gene Munster from Piper Jaffray has information according to which Apple is working on its own consumer devices augmented reality, reports Holographica. Munster pointed to a number of facts...



What would happen if a defective Galaxy Note 5 Apple has released

The media often exaggerate the noise, when Apple makes mistakes. Even the most minor. At the same time, the problems with tableta Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will not hit the...



Tim cook welcomed the Apple employees who came to the gay parade in Texas [photos]

Apple employees took part in the gay parade, which took place this weekend in Austin, Texas. On 30 August on the streets of the city has left tens of thousands...



Michael Fassbender: I don’t need to be like Steve jobs

One of the most frequent criticisms addressed to the new biopic “Steve jobs” is that performing the main role actor Michael Fassbender is not like jobs. In an interview with...

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