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“In prison, she rotted in the camps”: Zhirinovsky explained why the Apple appeared in Russia

The leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has explained why a company like Apple appeared in the US and not in Russia. In gear Sunday evening with Vladimir Solovyov, the Deputy...



Main mistake of Steve jobs

Apple founder Steve jobs believed that a phone should be small and fit in the hand. For this reason, the “Apple” giant for a long time produced only 3.5-inch iPhone...



5 gadgets that Apple should be ashamed

In recent years, Apple has secured such credibility that all of its new products are waiting as manna from heaven. But few people remember that was the “Apple” giant, and...



Apple Park: Theatre of a name of Steve jobs from the height of bird flight [video]

In the Network appeared the new aerofinishera headquarters Apple Park, work on which is almost completed. This time the lens of a drone hit a meeting room of the campus,...



25 years Newton: the worst Apple product without which there would be triumph

29 may 1992 by the then Apple CEO John sculley introduced the first tablet of the company Newton. The device, which debuted 25 years ago, had the potential, but nevertheless...



Apple added 3D images Apple Park and the “Theatre of a name of Steve jobs” on Apple Maps

In anticipation of the opening of new headquarters in Cupertino, Apple has updated proprietary mapping service with 3D Apple Park. The query “Apple Park” in mobile and desktop app for...



Steve Wozniak: the next breakthrough will make a Tesla, not Apple

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak shared his vision of the future discoveries in the field of high technologies. In his opinion, the next big innovation will not belong to the “Apple”...



Analysts: don’t expect revolutionary products from Apple, the company 10 years of crisis

Many people confuse brand with a trademark. A trademark is a name, denoting a particular product, graphic writing and the visual sign. But the brand – a concept not material....



The main invention of Steve jobs, which you did not guess

The role of Steve jobs in the IT industry is difficult to overestimate. The founder of Apple over four decades has put his hand to many products ranging from Macintosh...



Apple wants to give iPhone 8 the best function of iPad Pro

In 2015, at a presentation in San Francisco, along with a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro was the first stylus from Apple called the Apple Pencil. This event is immediately called...



Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is going to come to Ukraine

Steve Wozniak, legendary in the IT community personality, co-founder of Apple and the first business partner of Steve jobs, will visit neighboring Ukraine. About it reports the local edition of...



In a Network there was a fascinating video Apple Park at sunset

Blogger Duncan Sinfield regularly publishes shot using drone videos that show the process of building the new Apple headquarters. On the eve on his YouTube channel there was a recent...



Chubais: no States in Russia, Apple didn’t create

In Russia to build a big tech business Apple from scratch without state support is impossible. This was stated on the forum Vestifinance Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the Board of...



The last invention of Steve jobs: 7 incredible facts about “spaceship” headquarters Apple

In a recent interview, Apple has told some interesting details about the new Apple campus Park. Now employees are actively engaged in the relocation, and improvement of buildings and Park...



One of the first Apple computer auctioned for 12 million rubles

One of the first Apple computer auctioned in Germany. The organizers expect that the price of the Apple-1, is not able to perform basic to modern computers the task, may...

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