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The main function of the iPhone, which is not said to Steve jobs on first presentation

January 9, 2007 at the conference MacWorld Expo Apple founder Steve jobs showed the audience the first iPhone. At the presentation he said that Apple “reinvented the phone again,” calling...



How iPhone changed the world for 10 years

Today Apple celebrates 10 years since the announcement of the first iPhone. January 9, 2007 the founder of Apple, Steve jobs introduced the first-generation iPhone and called it a device,...



Smart watch New Balance will compete with Apple Watch

American company New Balance has presented its model of “smart” watches, created in collaboration with Intel. According to representatives of the company, the new product can be regarded as a...



“It was a real miracle!” IPhone owners remember the first Apple smartphone

Exactly 10 years ago was presented smartphone in the world changed the view of mobile devices. iPhone 2G was brought to Russia from abroad, “reflash”, ordered on the Internet. In...



“The best is yet to come”: Apple celebrates 10-year anniversary of the iPhone

10 years ago, January 9, 2007, Apple founder Steve jobs presented the scene of the first iPhone. Smartphone sales, which many experts considered a failure, began on 29 June. The...



Happy anniversary, iPhone! 10 years ago Steve jobs introduced the first Apple smartphone

Exactly 10 years ago, January 9, 2007 Apple introduced the first iPhone. Announced new Steve jobs stated that the device joined three gadget “iPod with a large screen that can...



This could be the first iPhone interface [video]

Blogger Sonny Dickson posted a video demonstration of the operating system Acorn OS. This OS Apple had planned for its first smartphone. The release of the new product engineers in...



Perfect ten: the first 10 Apple employees

Unlike many other Apple closely associated with only one person — Steve jobs. That is, jobs turned the “Apple” of the firm into the most expensive technology company in the...



8 signs that iOS has become worse in recent years

With each new release of iOS becomes more versatile platform. In this case, the operating system loses the very simplicity and ease of use that appreciate the “Apple” technique. A...



Apple in 2016 spent on research and development is less than Samsung, Microsoft and Huawei

The share of revenues that Apple has spent on research and development (R&D) in 2016, was significantly lower than that of its competitors, the report suggests the European Commission. Although...



Tim cook called the biggest disappointment of 2016

“Tim cook uttered the word “fabulous” in every sentence, although nothing incredible was not”, — the biographer of Steve jobs, Walter Isaacson has otreagiroval premiere of the iPhone 5s in...



A former Apple engineer told me what it was like to work on the first iPhone

A former software engineer at Apple, Terry Lambert has told about how has been developing firmware for first generation iPhone. Lambert had never spoken publicly about the making of “Apple”...



The new video from the drone showed an underground conference hall where Apple will introduce the iPhone 8

For 2017, the company Apple plans to complete construction of the new headquarters called “the spaceship” because of its futuristic look and impressive size. Fresh aerofinishera from the construction site...



Top major differences between Mac and Windows-PC

The history of the development of modern computers – it is an epic war for market share between Apple and Microsoft. In this competition make the next move. Microsoft released...



“Apple again off course, but this time not Steve jobs to save her”

The browser edition of Business Insider’s Dave Smith wrote an article about why Apple faced a serious problem due to the expansion of the product line. In his opinion, Apple...

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