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Video of the day: the new Apple campus Park. A month before opening

Apple completes the construction of the complex Apple Park with an area of 260,000 square meters, which from the side resembles a “flying saucer”. Blogger Duncan Sinfield has released a...



Google Pixel copied not only the design of the iPhone 7, but the main “chip” of the iPhone 4

After the announcement of the Google Pixel last year, it became clear what the device will be perfect for lovers of the operating system of Google. After the failure of...



New online video demonstrates the current state of the Apple headquarters Park

As you know, the protracted construction of the new headquarters Apple Park, is nearing completion, what openly mentioned in the last message on the Apple website. Blogger Matthew Roberts, which...



Bill gates admitted to copying with Windows and Mac

Bill gates said that when creating the operating systems Windows and Mac OS he and Apple co-founder Steve jobs didn’t copy each other — they were both inspired by the...



The average Apple employee is two times more productive engineer Google

The company Periscopic has prepared an interesting infographic that displays the structure of the patents to Apple and Google. Experts came to the conclusion that the average engineer of the...



Why the Apple in the Apple logo is bitten?

Everyone knows the Apple logo Apple. The obvious choice of Apple – “Apple” in translation from English means “Apple”. But few know why is the Apple bitten. Who took the...



Warren Buffett earned on the stock Apple more than $1.6 billion in two months

The company is Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has earned since the beginning of the year, over $1.6 billion on the stock Apple. Such calculations leads to the Bloomberg news Agency....



Seiko will release a limited edition of “hours of Steve jobs”

Company Seiko has teamed up with the Japanese Nano Universe to release a limited edition of “hours of Steve jobs”. Wrist quartz watch Chariot in the early 1980-ies was the...



Apple TV 5G: does it have a TV future?

At the beginning of the year, the Network again started talking about the Apple TV is a pretty controversial product, the company from Cupertino. In March, as expected, Apple will...



7 years with the iPad: do the tablets today?

7 years ago, speaking at a press conference in San Francisco, Apple founder Steve jobs said from the stage: “we All now use laptops and smartphones. But recently the question...



Today Steve jobs would have turned 62 years

February 24, 2017, would have turned 62 years old Steve jobs, founder of Apple the most expensive company in history. Jobs had a huge influence on the development of the...



5 popular myths about Steve Jobs

Buyers of Apple products attracts not only quality equipment, but charisma founder Steve jobs. It was very interesting to watch throughout his career. February 24, Steve jobs would have turned...



Apple CEO Tim cook decided to move to Apple Park

Work on Apple’s new campus is nearing completion. According to the newspaper San Francisco Chronicle, the head of the company Tim cook is planning to move his office from the...



Video of the day: Apple revealed a teaser for “spaceship” headquarters Apple Park

Apple APR will open a new headquarters Apple Park, the construction of which was conducted over the



The new headquarters of Apple, even the toilets are decorated in the style of iPhone

This year, Apple will put almost 12,000 of its employees to a new office Apple Park, which is made in the form of a space ship. For the construction of...

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