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Present and future Apple Watch: when to expect a revolution?

Exactly two years ago, Apple introduced the first generation of “smart” watches Apple Watch. This is the first category of products “Apple” of the brand, created without the participation of...



Why Apple will delay the release of the iPhone 8

The last seven or eight years, Apple has followed a predictable pattern. Each fall, representatives of the company told the stage why the previous iPhone is not so good, but...



Bill gates forbade his children to use smartphones

The head of Microsoft and the richest man in the world bill gates forbade his children to use smartphones to 14 years. His example is followed by many leaders of...



Charger Elago M4 will turn your iPhone into the Macintosh 128K

The company Elago released the original charging station for iPhone, which looks like a Macintosh 128K, introduced on 24 January 1984. Elago M4 for iPhone looks like one of the...



The main mystery of the jubilee Apple

Apple will unveil new smartphones only a few months, but the hype around the upcoming device does not subside. Anniversary the flagship should get the OLED display from edge to...



Buy Apple Disney can be the deal of the century

Potential purchase Disney can do Apple in an incredible $200 billion But if the deal does take place, it will change the future of Silicon valley and Hollywood, according to...



Apple offered to buy Tesla and make Elon musk CEO

Explorer Futurism Karl Lunt suggested that Apple should buy Tesla and make the head of the company Elon musk as its CEO. According to the analyst, currently the iPhone maker...



Apple is developing a revolutionary sensor to measure blood sugar levels

Apple more than 5 years leading the development of innovative optical sensor capable of measuring blood sugar without breaking the skin. On it informs TV channel CNBC. The idea to...



Opinion: the anniversary of the iPhone 8 should impress the users because Apple is waiting for the fate of Nokia

Few people would argue with the fact that Apple is beginning to lag behind competitors in terms of design. The main argument of the opponents is very simple – the...



Apple has filed a lawsuit against the Swiss Swatch because of the slogan “Tick different”

Swiss watch conglomerate Swatch, it seems, once again decided to promote their products through Apple. The company registered trademark “Tick different” (“Ticking differently”) , which is consonant with the legendary...



Top managers of Apple received $13 million in shares of the company

The leaders of Apple have received from the company stock worth about $13 million each, according to data from the report to the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of...



Socks for iPod, sneakers, psychedelic iMacs: 10 strange Apple products

Since Steve jobs returned to Apple, “apples” produced one hit after another: the release of the next iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, each time becoming a sensation. However, over the 40...



Apple called cylindrical Mac Pro mistake

In 2013, Apple introduced a completely redesigned workstation Mac Pro. The appearance impressed many. Unlike traditional boxes, filling Mac Pro was enclosed in a small cylindrical housing. Looked impressive, but...



Xiaomi doesn’t want to be like Apple

Chinese billionaire lei Jun, the CEO and founder of Xiaomi, which is often in the media as “Chinese Apple”, has stated that he does not want his Corporation compared with...



Today Apple celebrates 41st birthday

41 years ago, April 1, 1976, a College dropout Steve jobs, a young engineer Steve Wozniak and partner Ronald Wayne officially registered the company Apple Computer. Since then, the company...

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