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Rumors: MacBook Air 2017 will be the last device in the history of the line

In early June, 2017 at WWDC, Apple introduced an updated line of laptops, including the MacBook Air improved. “Air” laptop received a minimal update in the form of a new...



10 years of iPhone: how to create the most revolutionary product Apple

June 29 will mark 10 years since the release of the original iPhone models. In honor of the landmark date former Apple executives gathered together to discuss the creation of...



Happy anniversary, iPhone! 10 years ago began selling the first Apple smartphone [video]

10 years ago, on 29 June 2007, started selling the first iPhone. Presenting the smartphone Steve jobs said that the device joined three gadget “iPod with a big screen”, a...



Jobs would have approved: in a Network there was a fascinating aerofinishera almost completed Theatre named after Steve jobs

Blogger Duncan Sinfield posted a fresh aerovideos Apple Park – the latest creations, which had a hand in the founder of the “Apple” of the Corporation. This time, the lens...



Opinion: Scott Forstall right not apologized for the skeuomorph, it is relevant even today

In an interview with Computer History Museum Creator of iOS Scott Forstall told about the causes of skeuomorph in earlier versions of the operating system. Then, as you know, the...



“Enough to appeal to Durova”: Roskomnadzor urged to block Telegram “without further ADO”

June 23, the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov wrote an open letter addressed to Pavel Durov, the administration and the users of Telegram messenger. He demanded from the owner of...



Scott Forstall the first time suggested about skeuomorph and flat design in iOS

In an interview for the computer history Museum a former top Apple Executive Scott Forstall told some stories. And before the interview historian John Markoff asked Scott the question that...



Apple has attracted to combat leaks the best experts of the FBI and the NSA

Record of briefing against leaks, conducted for employees of Apple with representatives of the security service of the company, became public. It became known that the Corporation essentially has its...



In Kazakhstan can be illegal to give children iPad

More and more modern parents are trying to reduce the time spent by their children at the screen of smartphones and tablets. In Kazakhstan, decided at the legislative level to...



Trust rating Tim cook among Apple employees is reduced

Amid criticism of the head of Apple Tim cook from the number of analysts and investors of the company, claiming that he is not Steve jobs, the rating of trust...



Scott Forstall: iPhone appeared out of hatred of Steve jobs to the Microsoft employee

Main iOS developer Scott Forstall fired from Apple in 2012, for the first time gave an interview in California the computer history Museum. A former top Manager of Apple told...



Steve jobs wanted the original iPhone had a Back button like on Android

Apple founder Steve jobs wanted to have the first smartphone of the company was a separate “Back” button, similar to that installed on smartphones running Android. This is stated in...



Ukrainian students will study the Steve jobs biography

The Ministry of education of Ukraine in the framework of the renewed school curricula for high schools planning to teach the students the biography of Apple founder Steve jobs. About...



Banished from Apple’s main iOS developer Scott Forstall first tell you about the creation of the iPhone

A former top Apple Executive Scott Forstall responsible for the development of the operating system iOS, will talk about the history of the first iPhone. Interview with expelled from the...



Investors put $1.3 billion against Apple on the background of falling shares 6.2%

Emerging shares fall Apple on the background of General growth of the technology sector suggests that traders are pessimistic about the future of the company. According to, 15 may,...

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