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Golden Apple: the 6 most expensive products in Apple’s history

Apple was always different impressive prices. Whether it’s a smartphone, computer, or laptop case — if it was made by “Apple” company, the price will be one of the highest...



Steve Wozniak: I would take the robotics, if it were a young

Apple cofounder, engineer and inventor Steve Wozniak often speaks out about those different phenomena in the IT industry, trends and trends. In a recent interview with PCWorld Wozniak said, as...



What will be the next innovative Apple product?

Developer Daniel Eclair wrote an article in which he suggested the next big innovation from Apple. In his opinion, such will be the augmented reality technology: the company is already...



7 solutions to Tim cook, who never would have approved of Steve jobs

Steve jobs went down in history as an innovator and pioneer of the IT industry, which was remarkable for his ability to foresee events multiple steps ahead. For many he...



Apple has added satellite images Apple Park and the “Theatre of a name of Steve jobs” on Apple Maps

New Apple campus Park should open next month, and the company has recently updated its mapping service Apple Maps, with detailed description and satellite image of the headquarters. According to...



The current state of the Apple Park makes a presentation of the new iPad is unlikely [video]

Next month Apple is planning to move to new campus Apple Park, but judging by the



One of the first Apple computer put up for auction for 19 million roubles

One of the first Apple computers, released in 1976, will be auctioned off at the auction house Team Breke. The starting price of the Apple-1 – £262 000, which at...



8 functions and features from Android that Apple needs to copy iOS 11

Hard to call it Android lagging behind iOS. In many aspects of the operating system Google is not just equaled the ease of use with the “Apple” platform but surpassed...



Best product by Apple under Tim Cook?

56-year-old Tim cook has led Apple about six years ago shortly before the death of its founder Steve jobs. Before coming to CEO cook was practically unknown outside the company...



Media: presentation of the new iPad will be held April 4 in the “Theatre of Steve jobs”

Recently sources reported that the presentation of new Apple products scheduled for March. However, according to Appleworld Today referring to own sources, the novelties the company will present on April...



Opinion: Mac is losing the battle Windows is because of the attitude Apple users

For decades, PC users and Mac were eternal debate. The second was an excellent platform for the conflict, provoked by the open rivalry between bill gates and Steve jobs. Now,...



The first reaction of Steve jobs at the Genius Bar: “Stupid idea, will never work!”

The founder of company Apple Steve jobs at first was configured categorically against the idea of



What to expect at the spring presentation of Apple?

It so happened that the spring presentation, Apple did not have a recurrence, so that in Cupertino are preparing at this time hard to say. However, the company has sufficient...



The Apple Watch is not needed? The main problem of all “smart” watches

Smart watch is a small computer on hand with its own operating system and applications. In fact, it is a chronometer with additional functions that need a daily charge. The...



Revealed the secrets of the popularity of Apple

Apple is the most expensive in the world a public company. The famous bitten Apple, became one of the most recognizable symbols. Products of the California giant is in great...

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