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US debt and assets Apple — what more?

According to the report of the Ministry of Finance of the United States, Apple is in the top 25 ranking of holders of the national debt. Apple owns 52.6 billion...



Looked like the Apple website in 1998?

On Reddit he remembered what was like in a year when Steve jobs introduced the first iMac desktop computer. via Reddit For 19 years the company has changed its...



Adobe promises to finally kill Flash in 2020

By the end of 2020 Adobe stops supporting Flash. By this time, Flash will finally refuse a large company. Adobe encourages the use of HTML5, WebGL and WebAssembly. “Given this...



Rare photo: Steve jobs Beats headphones

Apple bought Beats a few years after the death of Steve jobs. Recently in the network appeared a rare photograph of the former CEO of “Apple” of the Corporation listening...



The former creative Director of Apple: the era of Steve jobs ended Apple “has changed dramatically”

The former creative Director of Apple Hugh Duberly believes that the company from Cupertino is likely to remain in the shadow of Samsung. According to him, the era of Steve...



The last invention of Steve jobs: aerovodochody published a new “spaceship” headquarters Apple

Thanks to the latest drone flight over Apple Park we have the opportunity to see how is the construction of a new giant Apple campus. The video first shows the...



The official photographs of the President of France Emmanuel Makron found two iPhone

There was a time when virtually no one involved in IT people didn’t laugh at how much admiration Dmitry Medvedev (then President of Russia) looked at the founder of Apple...



The construction of Apple Park, Apple doubled property prices in the city

The new headquarters Apple Park in Cupertino worth $5 billion can be seen from space. Locals call it the “space ship” and are preparing for major changes in the city....



Day in history: 32 years ago Steve jobs first visited the Soviet Union

4 July 1985 Steve jobs visited Moscow and the Soviet Union. During the two-day visit, the head of Apple made for students with a lecture, attended a party, devoted to...



From Samsung to Xiaomi: named the 5 main candidates for “killing” the iPhone

Every year leading manufacturers of smartphones I dream to produce a brilliant model and outshine the flagship of Apple, but this mission consistently fails. Life observers believe that in the...



Between your smartphone and laptop: the identity crisis iPad

When Apple only launched the iPad, it seemed that the company was able to offer a convenient and compact device to replace laptops. Sales of the device grew the first...



The history of the gesture “Slide to Unlock”

We all know the gesture to unlock the screen “Slide to Unlock” on the iPhone, but few know the story of its creation. The book “Apple Unsung Hero” tells the...



5 reasons to permanently abandon Windows in favor of macOS

This week on Russia, Ukraine and several other countries were struck by a powerful cyber attack. Hacking virus-the extortioner “Peter” has shown the vulnerability of information infrastructures around the world....



The journalist showed the first photos taken on the iPhone of Steve jobs

Former editor of the newspaper The New York Times ‘ David Gallagher in honor of the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone told the story about how he secretly used a...



Opinion: Apple is risking, releasing three new iPhones this year

For the 10th anniversary iPhone Apple poses a new ambitious goal. We are talking about the release of a new smartphone that should be the next bestseller in the market,...

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