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In a Network there was a fascinating video Apple Park at sunset

Blogger Duncan Sinfield regularly publishes shot using drone videos that show the process of building the new Apple headquarters. On the eve on his YouTube channel there was a recent...



Chubais: no States in Russia, Apple didn’t create

In Russia to build a big tech business Apple from scratch without state support is impossible. This was stated on the forum Vestifinance Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the Board of...



The last invention of Steve jobs: 7 incredible facts about “spaceship” headquarters Apple

In a recent interview, Apple has told some interesting details about the new Apple campus Park. Now employees are actively engaged in the relocation, and improvement of buildings and Park...



One of the first Apple computer auctioned for 12 million rubles

One of the first Apple computer auctioned in Germany. The organizers expect that the price of the Apple-1, is not able to perform basic to modern computers the task, may...



Apple is working on contactless sensor for measuring blood sugar with Apple Watch or smart bracelet

Apple intends to add “smart” watch Apple Watch features that will allow you to control the condition of the body of the user. In particular, the company plans to use...



World premiere Opera about the life of Steve jobs will be held in June

The life of Apple founder Steve jobs has inspired artists for the creation of documentaries, books and movies. Now famous computer gurus are going to dedicate the Opera. In July...



Mystery iPad: do we need tablets?

In 2010, speaking at a press conference, the founder of Apple, Steve jobs said: “we All now use laptops and smartphones. But recently the question arose, is there a place...



Video of the day: the new Apple campus. Changes over the past year

Blogger Matthew Roberts regularly publishes taken using a quadcopter videos that demonstrate the process of building a new headquarters Apple Park. At the end of last week, he posted a...



John sculley called a weak battery is the main drawback of the iPhone

John sculley, former Apple CEO and business partner of Steve jobs, in an interview with CNBC called the main drawback of iPhone and told me how to fix it. According...



What is it like to be an Intern in the Apple: the story of the student from France

Maxime Britto, engineer and founder of the French school for application developers Purple Giraffe, spoke about how once interned at Apple. He told how the first day of internship in...



The author of a biography of Steve jobs: Apple is no longer the most innovative company

The author of the first official biography of Steve jobs – Walter Isaacson believes that against the background of technological achievements of Google and Amazon Apple’s actions seems not enough...



Apple wants to hide the failure of their drones

Apple recently joined other it giants to test Autonomous vehicles in the city. Of course, imagine dense flows of robomobile with a bitten Apple is too early: now we are...



New video from the drone shows ready for opening Apple Park [video]

In the near future Apple employees will begin to move to a new campus in California, not very far from his current place of work. Giant 5-storey building with a...



Video of the day: Apple is almost ready to move to a new headquarters

Apple is preparing for the opening of the new headquarters Apple Park, the construction of which is conducted during the last 4 years. The campus, which was conceived by company...



Present and future Apple Watch: when to expect a revolution?

Exactly two years ago, Apple introduced the first generation of “smart” watches Apple Watch. This is the first category of products “Apple” of the brand, created without the participation of...

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