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Came the Anglo-Russian talking dictionary Slovoed Deluxe talking dictionary for iOS 9

Paragon has announced the release of a new version of English-Russian talking dictionary Slovoed Deluxe. In updating the developers “pushed the speed of the search words to the speed of...


Apple buys developer of intelligent voice control system VocalIQ

Apple has bought UK-based developer of voice recognition technology VocalIQ. About reports the Financial Times, citing sources close to the company. VocalIQ focuses on the systems of recognition of voice...


Apple has closed iOS 9.0.2 vulnerability that allows to bypass passcode lock using Siri

In the iOS update 9.0.2 closed a dangerous vulnerability that allows to bypass the lock screen and gain access to data smartphone. It is reported portal MacRumors. In released 30...


Apple invented the “smart” ring with display, camera and voice control

Apple decided that a wearable device can be not only a piece of clothing or accessory, but also the decoration: thus was the project “smart” ring that enables the use...


Apple has closed 147 vulnerabilities in the latest updates for iOS, OS X and Safari

Apple releases security fixes for iOS and OS X, and Safari browser, reports Securitylab. In General, the patch was removed 147 vulnerabilities is one flaw in iOS, 101 vulnerability in...


Apple removed the app from the App Store iFixit after the publication of the disassembly of the new Apple TV

Apple removed the app from the App Store iFixit and blocked the account of the developers of the company after the publication of their disassembly of the new Apple TV....


Time to make a choice: whether to continue a paid subscription to Apple Music?

30 September completed the trial period test the free Apple Music. The public was extremely confused adopted a new streaming service. Users readily used the opportunity to listen to an...


Apple with the end of the free trial told how to use Apple Music [video]

On 30 June, Apple launched its own streaming service Apple Music — subscription cost 169 rubles per month, users get access to listening to music on demand from a catalogue,...


Marathon with the Apple Watch, or the perfect companion for Jogging lovers

Since then, both in Russia officially began selling the Apple Watch, the device became interested in the fans running. How running applications in “smart” clock Apple? How accurately they measure...


iPhone 6s: an overview and comparison to iPhone 6 [video]

On Friday, 25 August, started selling the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in 12 countries. Several million pre-ordered gadgets and the ability to reserve new in official Apple Store...


5 most important innovations in the entire history of iPhone

Inventing the iPhone, Apple has acquired the status of a major innovator of the smartphone market and is now forced to


Siri mistakenly called Angela Merkel “a slave of America”

Virtual assistant iOS operating system Siri funny bloggers, “podutil” over Chancellor Angela Merkel. To the question “who is it” the app has responded to its users that the politician –...


Smart lock Schlage Sense allows you to open doors with Siri

Schlage introduced its first castle in 1920. The company’s founder Walter Schlage already characterized by a love of innovation: he invented a lock which automatically lit the light in the...


Tim cook has released more iPhone than Steve jobs

Interesting fact: since the release of the first iPhone was 8 years ago, and Tim cook has already submitted more smartphones than Steve jobs. Some will not see nothing remarkable...


iOS 9.0.1 vs. iOS 8.4.1: comparison of performance on iPhone 4s, 5 and 5s [video]

On Wednesday Apple released the first update for iOS 9, designed to solve problems. Along the way, the update fixed the bug that caused freezes on iPhone and iPad after...

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