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What tweens think about the new iPhone 6s [video]

iPhone 6s went on sale recently, but it already had time thoroughly to analyse and test in numerous reviews. The opinion of experts and target audience of Apple is well...



How to use Siri and universal search on the new Apple TV [video]

Three years after the launch of Apple TV third generation Apple updated the multimedia console. Friday started selling Apple TV fourth generation with support for voice assistant Siri and the...



“Hi, Mac” how to manage OS X using voice commands

Despite the assurances of Apple that merge mobile and desktop operating systems is not expected, OS X continues to get many of the features of iOS. So, OS X El...



Apple secrecy has a negative impact on her achievements in the field of artificial intelligence

Hard to find a company more obsessed with the idea to keep secret all their developments. The most striking example is Scott Forstall, former senior Vice-President, iOS. Hiring the first...



The new Apple TV does not support the proprietary Apple app “Remote” for iOS and watchOS

The Apple ecosystem is full of paradoxes and surprises. On the one hand the company over many years supports their computers and mobile devices, on the other – you have...



Apple is working on voice search the music for the new Apple TV

The fourth generation of set-top boxes Apple TV 4, as was announced earlier, a full entertainment centre and supports voice assistant Siri. However, the capacity of personal assistant on the...



The first reviews of the new Apple TV: excellent set-top box with huge capacity

Friday started selling Apple TV 4 — the first truly “smart” TV sets the Apple-enabled games, apps, and voice assistant Siri. The console transmits the purchased iTunes media files —...



The final version came out tvOS 9.0 for new Apple TV

Together with the start of sales of set-top box Apple TV Apple released the final build of the operating system for the device. We are talking about tvOS platform designed...



New Apple TV supports 3D games

Apple TV 4 supports 3D content. This was told by the developer Stephen Troton-Smith, posted on his microblog a photo of the game with 3D support. According to the developer,...



First reviews of the new Apple TV [video]

This week the sale was a set-top box Apple TV fourth generation. According to the head of the Corporation Tim cook, the future of television applications, and hence the vector...



The new Apple TV will be in stores October 30

Earlier this week Apple opened pre-orders for an Apple TV fourth generation in online stores. As it became known, on the shelves of retail stores the device will appear this...



A review of the first games and apps for the new Apple TV

This week Apple announced the launch of sales of the updated Apple TV, but users will get the device for no earlier than Friday. MacDigger offers to get acquainted with...



Apple has released a new ad iPhone 6s c bill Heyder [video]

Apple often uses in its advertisements celebrities. Recently the company has uploaded to YouTube three commercials, which lit up with actor Jamie Foxx, basketball player Stephen Curry and a number...



Skeptics change their opinion about Apple Watch after the first acquaintance

Before the release of the Apple Watch on sale the users were requested to visit the nearest Apple Store and try on a smart watch before order your favorite model...



Siri does not answer questions about music to those who are not signed to Apple Music

Subscribers Apple Music in addition to access to all the benefits music service provides advanced voice assistant Siri. Personal assistant does not respond to users ‘ questions about the music,...

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