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In the network leaked specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

We’ve already seen detailed images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and today Evan Blass (@evleaks) shared a final technical characteristics of the smartphone. Illustration: The Samsung Galaxy Note 7...



Samsung is developing a hybrid of smart watch and fitness tracker

Samsung announced the development of a new device which will combine in itself functions of smartwatches and fitness tracker. It will be a device that will gather all the best...



LG V30 will photograph better competitors in low light conditions

Thanks to a sensor with a small aperture, the smartphone will be able to make great pictures in the dark. Cameras in smartphones are getting better with



Former Vice President of Google prefer the iPhone camera

Former Google Vice President Vic Gundotra (Vic Gundotra) has said that the world has an iPhone, he won’t shoot photos on an Android smartphone. According to Gundotra, Android smartphones can...



Apple invests in Toshiba nearly $3 billion

The Investor wrote that Apple is investing in manufacturing OLED displays from LG $2.7 billion. Such a big amount will be the prepayment for future deliveries. From 2019 they must...



As Huawei will win a share of Apple in the smartphone market?

The top Manager of Huawei Richard Yu in an interview with Bloomberg said the company will respond to the “jubilee” iPhone 8 and as strengthens its position in the industry....



Apple began testing its 5G

Apple received permission to test its own technology 5G. As Engadget reports, Apple has received permission from the Federal communications Commission and taking the first steps to his own 5G....



iPhone SE became the most sold in Russia

iPhone SE became the best selling smartphone in Russia, shifting from first place in the Samsung J1. The entire 2016 best selling was the iPhone 5s, but in December he...



Wireless charging the iPhone 8!

As usual, ahead of the release of the next smartphone from Apple the ubiquitous insiders are trying to merge in the network information about the new product in advance. Not...



Russia wants to establish a register of mobile phones

The Commission under the Federation Council is developing a draft law on control of turnover of mobile phones. According to the proposal, the factory phone code (IMEI) is tied to...



Apple is going to launch its own production of OLED displays

Apple is preparing to release a new smartphone that the network has already called the iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro. In contrast to the title, which has not yet been...



No, the iPhone 8 will cost 100 000 rubles

Analysts agree that the iPhone 8 should impress potential buyers, not only design, but also price. It is believed that Apple’s new flagship will cost exorbitant money – from $1100...



The secret weapon of the Samsung against the iPhone 8

Especially for the new flagship Galaxy Note 8, Samsung is developing wireless headphones that must be the answer to Apple AirPods. This writes the Korean publication ETNews. According to the...



Apple fans said that they hate the most in the company’s products

It is no secret that Apple’s most loyal users. Samsung produces a lot of different devices, simultaneously making fun of Apple fans that, in its opinion, will you buy any...



American requires Apple’s $75 000 being burned up in the explosion of the iPhone 4s at home

A resident of Wisconsin Xai Thao and the insurance company State Farm has filed a lawsuit against Apple because of a defect in the iPhone 4s, which became the cause...

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