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Samsung was evaluated by 6-inch Galaxy A9 $ 500

Last week Samsung announced a new Galaxy smartphone A9. The device is marketed as the most powerful device in the line of Galaxy A and is made in the same...



Apple was close to finalizing a contract with Samsung and LG to supply OLED displays for iPhone

Apple is close to finalizing a contract with Samsung and LG to supply OLED displays for iPhone. This was reported by the journalists of the South Korean newspaper Electronic Times,...



Published new images of the flagship smartphone, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Plus

The closer the MWC conference 2016, which will be presented Galaxy S7 flagship, the more rumors arise about a new device. This time media, using available data, published rendernye image...



iPhone 6s named the best smartphone of 2015

Authoritative edition about mobile technologies PhoneArena iPhone 6s awarded the title of best smartphone 2015. A resource that an entire year has thoroughly tested the best examples of mobile electronics,...



iPhone 5s named best compact smartphone

The largest English-language edition phoneArena dedicated to mobile phones, the iPhone 5s was awarded the title of best compact smartphone. A resource that an entire year has thoroughly tested the...



Why smartphones don’t need a 4K display

Smartphone owners want to make their device run longer on a single charge. Most iPhone users don’t want new models have become even thinner if it will have a negative...



Samsung is preparing a competitor of the iPad Pro running Windows 10

Recently the demand for Windows tablets is growing, and Samsung also decided to focus on promising market segment. In databases, industry organizations Bluetooth SIG and the Wi-Fi Alliance lit up...



Apple activated on Christmas day in 2.5 times more devices than Samsung

25 December 2015, on a day when the entire Catholic world celebrates Christmas, the album has sold tens of millions of devices on iOS and Android. Despite the implacable hostility...



Best smartphones of 2015: who can compete with the iPhone 6s

The most popular IT on YouTube videoblogger Marques Brownlee, and Jonathan Morrison has released a video for “Best smartphones of 2015”, which talked about the top communicators of the outgoing...



Samsung plans to sell at the start of the 5 million Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung expects high demand for its new flagship smartphone Galaxy S7. How do I find sources close to the company, the first batch of flagship communicators will have 5 million...



The designer showed a concept iPhone 8 with an extra screen in the side panel [video]

The designer of the project ConceptsiPhone has prepared a video that demonstrates the iPhone 8. It is noted that the gadget will receive a 5-inch display “edge to edge” powerful...



Samsung is already preparing the response 4-inch iPhone 6c

Knowing the compulsive drive Samsung copy Apple all the undertakings, it was not surprising to learn that Koreans are preparing to present their version of the not yet officially presented...



The coming months will be challenging for Apple

The next one-two quarters will be challenging for Apple, Dailycomm writes with reference to the report UBS analyst Steven Milunovic. Despite the fact that the Corporation may increase the presence...



iPhone 6s Plus did not leave any chances Lumia 950 XL and Nexus 6P on tests of speed [video]

Great PhoneBuff decided to compare the performance of the three flagship smartphones on different platforms — Plus iPhone 6s, 6P Nexus and Lumia 950 XL. This enthusiast did not use...



Water-resistant as the main innovation of the iPhone 7

We are all accustomed to the unwritten script template annual update iPhone. A new device always gets a more powerful processor, better camera and several new features. Every two years,...

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