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Why 80 thousand for iPhone X – is this normal

With the presentation of the new iPhones last week, and the flow of the whining still has not subsided.“Oh, how expensive, how can a phone cost 80 thousand rubles? This...


Why the demand for iPhone is always much higher than supply?

Edition of the Wall Street Journal explained why the demand for iPhone is always much greater than the supply. For the past ten years is repeated the same scenario: Apple...


All against Apple: the reaction of the companies on show at “the Theatre of Steve jobs”

The unofficial championship of wit on the Internet: how the world greeted the new iPhone. Qualcomm At the headquarters of the vendor could not wait and before the presentation realized...


That really means a rating of water resistance X iPhone and Apple Watch Series 3?

The new iPhone and Apple Watch feature serious protection from moisture and dust. What are the benefits you get from this are a regular user of Apple news? Last year...


OLED display in iPhone X worse than the Super AMOLED in the Galaxy S8

On Tuesday Apple introduced the frameless iPhone X, which is equipped with a 5.8-inch OLED-display with a resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels. This display is made by Samsung and...


iOS 11 will prevent the burnout of pixels

Journalists are still exploring the beta release of iOS 11 GM and looking for clues related to the new Apple


iPhone X will be the most waterproof smartphone Apple

Leaks related to the iPhone release anniversary continues even the day before his presentation. This time it became known that the new smartphone will receive the highest level of water...


The first iPhone: the beginning of the legendary smartphone

10 years ago, January 9, 2007, visionary and the father of Apple’s Steve jobs spent his most memorable presentation. At the conference MacWorld in San Francisco, jobs showed the device,...


Story of the week on MacDigger

The race for second place in the smartphone market, again iPhone 8 and a little bit about fragile Ilona Mask. 1. Huawei overtook Apple sold more smartphones in June and...


Face scanner Samsung is still too easy to cheat

Many criticize Apple for the fact that she creates a lot of noise around features that have already been implemented by competitors. However, the California company does not do it...


China remains loyal to the iPhone: local producers failed to win Apple available smartphones — survey

The youth of China often buys cheap smartphones local production, such as Oppo and Vivo, but the level of confidence in these two brands is much lower than for Apple....


The monopoly of Samsung in OLED displays explains the high cost of iPhone 8

12 September Apple will unveil a commemorative iPhone 8, the cost of which, presumably, will exceed $ 1,000. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo explained why the price tag on the new iPhone...


LG will produce OLED displays for iPhone no earlier than 2019

Apple will be able to count on OLED displays for iPhone LG no earlier than 2019. It is reported Bloomberg citing its own sources. According to the newspaper, LG will...


Huawei wants to break the Apple. Will or not?

Huawei finally sells more smartphones than Apple — the way the new king or red light? In 2013, Huawei CEO Richard Yu first jumped on the Apple: the man from...


Samsung has patented the design of the iPhone 8

While smartphone manufacturers strive to create a gadget with a display from edge to edge, there is one problem — where you need to move the camera and the sensors...

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