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iOS 11: the five coolest new features available in Russia. And three – not available

In September this year after the presentation of iPhone 8 Apple will release iOS 11. It offered hundreds of changes and improvements, big and small. We chose eight of the...



Opinion: Apple has long decided whether Touch ID in the iPhone 8

Many online sources claim that Apple is still undecided where it will be is the fingerprint scanner Touch ID in the iPhone 8 and whether it will at all. Despite...



Samsung wants to divert attention from the iPhone 8 the August release of Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has made no secret of the upcoming debut of the high-end smartphone Galaxy Note 8, intended to compete with the main flagship of the year. First, the official Twitter...



How to turn your Mac or Windows PC to Apple TV

You have a 27-inch iMac or Mac mini with a large monitor. Why not use them as a replacement for Apple TV? Instead of watching a movie on an iPhone...



“The kid on the drive” mounted directly on the set on 15-inch MacBook Pro

Mounting cart, travel trailer on the set, working on the side of the road: what to expect the editor with a 15-inch MacBook Pro, which is forced to be on...



Apple working on facial recognition for iPhone 8 at least 3 years

Experts of the company Apple is testing a new feature of the iPhone 8, which includes the recognition of users ‘ faces. For the first time on this technology the...



Chief, all is lost. 4 function of the iPhone 8, which Apple does not have time to finish the release of the flagship

In the last months before the release of the new iPhone jubilee network, a wave of rumors about the difficulties with the development of smartphone. It is alleged that due...



Published photo of the rear panel 8 without the iPhone fingerprint scanner Touch ID

Source from the chain of suppliers Apple has uploaded the photograph, which depicts the rear panel of the new anniversary flagship of the company. On the picture you can see...



The iPhone 8 will be a fingerprint scanner, but not where we thought

Currently, there is no doubt that the iPhone 8, the display of which will occupy almost the entire front panel, will be deprived of the signature key “Home” under the...



Samsung Galaxy S8 has failed to prevent sales of the iPhone 7

The main stormily discussed topic in the mobile market this spring was, of course, the presentation of Samsung Galaxy S8. However, the real impact on sales of the iPhone 7,...



Media: iPhone 8 will come in four color options, including the new “mirror” model

Blogger Benjamin Gaskin, known for its connections with supply chain producers, has shared new insight about the expected features of the next generation of Apple’s smartphone. Apple plans to hold...



The Creator of the Android startup failed delivery “frameless” smartphone Essential without explanation

Essential startup founded by the Creator of Android, Andy Rubin, has not started within a specified time of delivery of the Essential mobile Phone. The company announced that the first...



Pictures of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 confirm the main problem of the “killer” iPhone 8

In the “network” there were photos of the case for the new flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 8, which, as conceived by Samsung, should outshine the anniversary the new Apple. The...



Apple has patented facial recognition technology

Experts of the company Apple is testing a new feature flagship smartphone iPhone 8 — 3D face scanner on Friday, reports Bloomberg. According to the publication, it will replace the...



And would you buy this iPhone 8? [video]

Despite the fact that the official presentation of the iPhone 8 will be held in September, resourceful Chinese have managed to start production of clones of the future smartphone. The...

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