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New technology Sonovation will allow you to place a fingerprint scanner under the display on iPhone and iPad

The company Sonovation has developed a technology for the integration of the fingerprint scanner under the protective glass touch mobile devices. Experts believe that the development may find application in...


Top IT companies supported Samsung against Apple

Loud trial between Apple and Samsung lasts for several years. American giant computer electronics managed to convince the court that the Koreans had violated a number of patents, most of...


The magnetic connector for iPhone and Android in the style of Apple MagSafe [video]

The MagSafe concept well known to owners of Apple laptops. This magnetic interface, that is, if the user accidentally touches the cord


Apple has developed a system for targeting-showing ads to users based on their financial situation

Apple has patented a system targeting mobile advertising that allows you to show users only those products that they can afford. An appropriate application of the company published on the...


Apple wants to turn the iPhone screen into a solar panel

The patent and trademark office has granted Apple patent for the technology integration of solar panels in the display panel of smartphones, tablets, music players and smart watches. The document...


Apple has developed a technology of handwriting recognition for the iPad Pro

Previously we wrote about the fact that the iPad Pro will receive a special digital pen. As it turned out, this stylus will not only facilitate the solution of creative...


What are the advantages of the Force Touch technology iPhone users

According to the Agency Bloomberg, Apple has already started production of the iPhone 6s, which will be a new feature called Force Touch. The touch sensitivity of the display will...


Microsoft has patented its own analogue of the Force Touch technology for Windows-based laptops

Microsoft intends to give the PC innovative technology Mac computers. This is evidenced by the patent application the company this week unveiled the Bureau of patents and trademarks USA. In...


The U.S. court abolished the payment of $533 million “patent Troll”, who accused Apple of violating patents

District court for the Eastern district of Texas reviewed the judgment rendered in February of this year. This claim Apple was obliged to pay over half a billion dollars in...


Apple had the idea to use the selfie to unlock smartphones

Patent portfolio Apple added document describing a new way of unlocking mobile devices. The patent was granted this week the Office for patents and trademarks of the United States. We...


Apple received a patent on the dock with moveable connector

The patent and trademark office on Tuesday issued Apple a patent for a new docking station with a special connector and a rotary mechanism. The essence of the design that...


Apple has registered the trademark “OS X El Capitan” for tablets

Small popular iPad mini, but not always convenient for everyday use, especially if you have a lot of reading, including in PDF format. The advantage of this model is in...


Apple will launch a service to transfer money from card to card via Apple Pay

Apple will offer customers a new service of money transfer from one card to another by means of Apple Pay service. Corresponding patent application the company released Friday by the...


Apple will embed the fingerprint scanner in the logo on the back cover iPhone

The Apple logo on the back side of the iPhone and iPad will cease to be only a passive element in the case of mobile devices. The company’s specialists are...


Jonathan Ive officially became the main Director of design Apple

Apple’s chief designer Jonathan Ive, been with the company since 1992 and have developed the appearance of most products of the company, received a new position of senior Director in...

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