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Apple patents “dual-mode headphone” that can turn into speakers

One of the main advantages of any headphones isolation sound. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not always pay attention to this aspect. In the end, any trip on public transport is a...



Apple will solve the problem of scratching of the iPhone in the color Jet Black

Quite some time ago in the Network there are rumors of Apple switching to new types of buildings in future iPhone models. If the current flagships entirely made of aluminium,...



IPhone users have sued Apple for iOS mandatory updates

Against Apple filed the lawsuit in which she is accused of the forced update of the iOS operating system. The plaintiffs allege that the company deliberately disabled FaceTime in iOS...



Apple has developed a charging module built into the strap of the Apple Watch

Bureau of patents and trademark United States has granted Apple the patent, entitled “Charging device for portable electronic devices.” The document describes external battery for smart watches Apple Watch. The...



Apple creates a “smart” loop for the next generation of MacBook

As you know, the new MacBook Pro Apple offered a complete redesign of notebooks to reduce the thickness of the device. Today it became known an interesting design feature of...



6 most anticipated features that we are unlikely to see in iPhone 8

Lately all the attention focused on future Apple smartphones, which have become a breath of fresh air for owners of “Apple” smartphones. Of most interest from a technical point of...



After the juice for vapers Apple patented electronic steam generator

Apple has registered in the Bureau of patents and trademarks United States patent for a surprise to the manufacturer. We are talking about the device for vaping that heats the...



It’s all in the icons: the designer has revealed the secret of the appeal of Apple devices

Designer Marc Stanton published a post on what principle determines the appearance of Apple products. He believes that the iPhone maker tries to do the transitions between the faces in...



Apple filed another lawsuit against chip supplier Qualcomm at $145 million

Apple filed a lawsuit against the American chip maker Qualcomm in Beijing intellectual property rights court. On Thursday, reports news Agency Reuters. In the lawsuit Apple requires Qualcomm to pay...



Apple patented a modular strap for Apple Watch with additional sensors, battery and camera

Apple received a patent on a modular strap for Apple Watch, designed to extend the functionality of the wearable computer. Additional modules will perform specific functions, and users will be...



The driver got into an accident because of the iPhone, has accused Apple in the deliberate selling of distracting gadgets

In the US, the motorist named Julio Sowing, caught in a traffic accident, has filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing the manufacturer of iOS devices in the lack of care...



Nokia calls to ban sales of the iPhone and iPad in USA

The international trade Commission, U.S. (USITC) has started consideration of the complaint by Nokia, according to which Apple violates the intellectual property rights of the manufacturer. In the preliminary hearings,...



iPhone 8 can get inductive charging Apple is technology Energous

There are several technologies for electric power transmission by air, including with laser, sonic waves and other methods. But the commercial one is the only one of electromagnetic induction, by...



Qualcomm won’t stop supplying chips for the iPhone, despite Apple lawsuit

Qualcomm has no plans to stop doing business with Apple, despite the statement of the California giant. It is reported by Recode, citing sources in the company. Manual Qualcomm recently...



Qualcomm has commented on the lawsuit Apple $1 billion, calling the accusations “groundless”

Qualcomm commented on the petition to Apple demanding that it pay $1 billion for high prices for chips, as well as for failure to return a promised $1 billion for...

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