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Apple and Samsung meet again in court

At the next meeting of the representatives of the companies must agree on the amount of compensation, reports The Verge. Lawyers for Apple and Samsung need to determine the date...


Apple sued for illegal use of the word “Animoji”

Enrique Bonansea, a U.S. citizen residing in Japan, has filed a lawsuit against Apple for using the word “Animoji”. It is reported by The Recorder. Bonanza, claims that he registered...


Qualcomm expects to continue partnership with Apple

According to the CEO of Qualcomm, in spite of a fierce patent fight, the companies have enough strong partnerships. Despite the fact that Qualcomm and Apple are fighting for patents...


Apple to pay VirnetX $ 440 million

Patent Troll VirnetX sued Apple $ 440 million. The U.S. district court dismissed all the petitions and lawsuits Apple to new trials, confirming the verdict of the jury in the...


Qualcomm calls to ban iPhone sales in China

Feud Apple and Qualcomm have reached a new level, according to Bloomberg. Company for the production of chips Qualcomm has filed a lawsuit in Beijing court hearing the cases of...


Future iPhone may receive the stylus pen like the Galaxy Note series

Usually, new features are moving from iPhone to other Apple gadgets. But it seems that the smartphones of 2019 will be equipped with a stylus


Updates Apple patent application for flexible displays due to the growing number of rumors around the new OLED iPhone

Representatives of the publication Appleinsider has found on the website of the Bureau of patents and trademarks United States application for patent titled “Electronic devices with displays,” which confirms the...


Taiwan has fined Qualcomm for $ 774 million

For refusing to license their technology, fair trade Commission of Taiwan has fined Qualcomm. Antimonopoly Commission of Taiwan has fined Qualcomm for $ 774 million for the monopolization of the...


Apple is afraid that Samsung steals the design of a revolutionary new model of the smartphone

In Cupertino intend to change the supplier of OLED displays for future generations of the iPhone, because they fear that Samsung may borrow technological solutions. iPhone X became one of...


In future models of Samsung Galaxy may receive the sensor for environmental assessment

On Wednesday 11 October 2017 Samsung received a patent for a built-in smartphone sensor analysis of air contaminants. The developed component can analyze the ambient air quality and to inform...


Apple is developing a self-adjusting straps for Apple Watch

10 Oct 2017 Apple was granted a patent protecting methods for creating self-adjusting straps for the Apple Watch. This invention can replace the usual types of fasteners used for the...


Bendable Samsung X will be released as a limited edition

According to Phone Arena, Samsung will release a bendable smartphone Galaxy X in the beginning of 2018, and will introduce its novelty in a limited number.   Rumors about the...


New Samsung patents: handlebar with integrated display, smart wallet and Curling TV

As reported by Patently Mobile, Samsung has received several new patents from the U.S. patent office. The company patented the design concepts, ranging from car steering wheel with built-in screens,...


Published Apple patent with information about automatic configuration HomePod

During the presentation of the HomePod Apple made emphasis on the fact that the smart speaker will change the direction of the audio stream, adapting to the environment. HomePod uses...


Why Xiaomi will inevitably become the next Apple

Paul Gorodnitsky analyzed the latest releases of Asian companies and realized that Xiaomi chose absolutely the right strategy to capture the market. In 2014, when Xiaomi climbed to the top...

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