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A prototype of the iPhone 7 without Home button showed on the video

There is no doubt that Apple is working on iPhone 7. What will be its new flagship smartphone the company will tell you in September of next year at a...



Ericsson has made Apple’s payment of 0.5% of revenue from sales of iPhones and iPads for the use of patents for LTE

Telecom equipment manufacturer Ericsson announced the signing of a patent agreement with Apple that put an end to the annual dispute and led to a surge in the shares of...



Every fourth Android smartphone in 2016 will copy 3D Touch Apple

Apple’s implementation of the Force Touch technology into a smart watch Apple Watch 3D Touch and in the iPhone 6s has set a new trend on the mobile market. The...



Mophie answered the “humpback” cover the release of Apple’s line of ultra-thin batteries Powerstation

With the release of “official” covers for iPhone 6s – Smart Battery Case – manufacturers remains nothing how to offer more perspective from the point of view of popularity the...



4 functions that are not needed in Apple Watch 2

After the appearance of rumors about the upcoming presentation of the second generation Apple Watch, the network appeared many publications on the functions, which will be equipped with new modification...



A controversial new design case for Apple iPhone explained by competitors ‘ patents

Many of us have been perplexed by recent design decisions by Apple. What is new case with battery for iPhone 6s with very specific design. Observers of The Verge put...



Apple makes Apple Watch strap with integrated display

If you disconnect the strap from the Apple Watch, in its mounting location, you can discover the hidden connector, which Apple is silent on the details page of the gadget...



Samsung agreed to pay Apple $548 million compensation for copying its technology

Loud trial between Apple and Samsung has been ongoing for several years. The iPhone maker managed to convince the court that the competitor violated a number of patents, most of...



Apple will launch its own service for music recognition

With the advent of smartphones its new development services and music recognition. The market applications these programs began to appear in 2010-2011, and to date, very popular, which proves the...



The designer showed a concept iPhone 7 with an unusual system of protection from drops [video]

One of the problems with modern smartphones is their fragility. When you drop the gadget on a hard surface, there is a chance to break the screen or damage other...



“Think different”: the OnePlus copied Apple’s legendary slogan for the advertisement of your smartphone

“Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery”, – once said Oscar Wilde. Then the PR team OnePlus is probably just adore Apple. The official Twitter account manufacturer a teaser...



Samsung has patented a flexible smartphone with the standard iPod app

Samsung is in the project Valley is developing a flexible smartphone. A new patent application, published Friday by the Bureau of patents and trademarks USA, describes the design of such...



The future is here: top 10 most promising developments of Apple

In the last 3-4 years, Apple has increasingly suffering about the fact that any action of the company immediately becomes the occasion for thematic publications in the media. One of...



Google Glass 2.0 can turn into a smart monocle

Google has not abandoned the idea of smart glasses, despite the unsuccessful beginning of the spread of Google Glass, positioned a huge step forward in the industry wearable on the...



Apple invented active protection to iPhone water-based mechanical valves

Apple has patented technology using a mechanized dampers to protect smartphones from ingress of dust and moisture. The corresponding application was filed in the U.S. patent office. The patent and...

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