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Apple has sued Qualcomm in the UK

Not limited to the claim with the requirement to pay $1 billion filed against Qualcomm in the United States and China, Apple filed a similar suit in the UK. According...



Apple invented the futuristic gadget is a scroll with scrolling display

Edition PatentlyApple announced a new patent application of Apple on a mobile device with an unusual design: a collapsible gadget, resembling an old scroll. Apple is developing a gadget that...



8 iPhone may get display with support for Apple Pencil

Initially Apple Pencil created for the iPad Pro and now is only compatible with 9.7 – and 12.9-inch version of the device. Future iPhone owners will probably be able to...



Apple has received another patent for the fingerprint scanner built into the smartphone display

Apple received a patent on technology that, among other things, provides the ability to stop the fingerprint scanner Touch ID in the Home button. The technology will likely find application...



The average Apple employee is two times more productive engineer Google

The company Periscopic has prepared an interesting infographic that displays the structure of the patents to Apple and Google. Experts came to the conclusion that the average engineer of the...



Apple received a patent for a fingerprint scanner built into the smartphone display

Apple, which plans in the fall to present a brand new iPhone, you may abandon a key element of the device. According to the documentation issued by the Bureau of...



New keyboard Apple for Mac users envy Windows

A key innovation in the MacBook pros was an added touch-a touch-screen located above the keyboard. Panel Touch Bar are various tools. The panel is fully customizable and its contents...



Apple invented the MacBook with two screens that can be used in bright sunlight

A list of unusual Apple’s patents continues, a new application of the company on a MacBook with two screens. The originality of the idea lies not so much in adding...



Future iPhone will be able to warn the owner about any damage of the screen

Future iPhone will be able to alert the owner about the appearance of the OSD covering the microcracks. This is evidenced by Apple’s patent application, published this week, the Bureau...



Apple iPhone 8 can replace the fingerprint scanner on the laser sensor for face recognition

Today we wrote about the fact that the iPhone 8 will get a 5.8-inch display, the lower part of which will be used to control device functions. Thus, Apple is...



Following the Apple Watch will have to “make” using the wheel, the Digital Crown

The classic method of plant mechanical watches – torsion spring located in the mechanism. This principle has remained unchanged since the creation of the first wristwatch. Manual method of the...



Apple will abandon Caps Lock on the keyboard to use the keys for emoticons

How often do you use Caps Lock? Most likely extremely rare. This button is needed in order to enable the input mode is capital letters. If I have to do...



Apple patented a display with a fingerprint scanner for iPhone 8 frameless

Apple has patented a fingerprint scanner that can be built into the smartphone or tablet. The technology is expected to find application in iPhone 8 already this year. Apple engineers...



Opinion: induction wireless charging in the iPhone 2017 could undermine the credibility of Apple

Apple very rarely introduces new technologies. The company prefers to wait for the right moment to modify the product to not release on the market of raw device. In the...



Apple decided to save iPhone from mechanical buttons

Bureau of patents and trademarks United States has included in its roster of new Apple – smartphone devoid of mechanical buttons. In addition to the rejection of traditional keys, the...

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