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Apple accused of using other people’s patents when creating the Find My iPhone and Apple Maps

Company AGIS Software Development LLC, specializing in the development of software solutions for geolocation for military and emergency services, has filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing it of stealing its...



Imagination Technologies has put itself for sale after the decision of Apple to develop their own GPU

In April of this year, Imagination Technologies, graphics solutions which are used in the iPhone and iPad, reported less than 2 years, Apple will completely abandon its licensing developments. The...



Apple stated that the license agreement with Qualcomm is invalid

Apple claims that the license agreement under which she is required to make deductions from Qualcomm with each iPhone produced, are invalid. With this position were made by the representatives...



Fingerprint scanner iPhone 8 can be embedded in the power button

It is no secret that the iPhone 8 will get a screen “edge to edge”. The display panel of the device will occupy almost the entire front side, for this...



Google has poached from Apple, one of the key developers of processors for iPhone and iPad

Google has hired Manu Galati — one of the leading Apple experts in the field of mobile processors. He played a key role in the development of chips for smartphones...



Will Samsung beat iPhone?

Traditionally, in September, Apple introduces a new generation of iPhone. And traditional, each model becomes a real hit. Every new generation of “Apple” smartphones. Any manufacturer of Android camp managed...



Little-known iBank may prohibit in Russia the brands Apple

Do you know what is iBank? You may think that the Bank of Apple, by analogy with the iPhone, iPad, iTunes, iCloud and other products of the company starting with...



Every second iPhone 8 will be the modem is manufactured by Intel

The conflict between Apple and Qualcomm was on hand Intel, which thanks to this judicial confrontation will get more orders from the “Apple” giant. In the first iPhone, which debuted...



Apple wants to give iPhone 8 the best function of iPad Pro

In 2015, at a presentation in San Francisco, along with a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro was the first stylus from Apple called the Apple Pencil. This event is immediately called...



Apple has not abandoned the idea to release a MacBook without a keyboard one touchpad

The size of the trackpad in the MacBook Pro last generation has exceeded all reasonable limits, but Apple, apparently, wants to go even further and replace the entire panel with...



Released new images of the iPhone 8: the worst nightmares seem to come true

In the network appeared the series of images of the iPhone 8, which shows that Apple has placed the fingerprint scanner on the back cover of the smartphone. At the...



Apple and Nokia have reached an agreement on patent dispute

Apple and Nokia settle patent dispute and signed a cooperation agreement. This is stated in the statement of the press service of the Finnish company. The iPhone maker has agreed...



Apple accused of illegal use of foreign patents with creating the Apple Pay

Universal Secure Registry (USR) has filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing the company of violating patents related to the payment system Apple Pay. The plaintiff alleges that the iPhone maker...



First review of “innovative” Apple boxes for pizza

This week Apple received a patent for its own container for pizza. About it told the journalist of the edition of Wired, who visited the new campus of the company....



Forget frameless 8 iPhone: the iPhone concept 2020 with envelope enclosure screen [video]

Media attribute to the Apple the development of the smartphone of the future with envelope enclosure screen. At least talking about this patent application from the company. Perhaps the engineers...

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