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In future models of Samsung Galaxy may receive the sensor for environmental assessment

On Wednesday 11 October 2017 Samsung received a patent for a built-in smartphone sensor analysis of air contaminants. The developed component can analyze the ambient air quality and to inform...


Apple is developing a self-adjusting straps for Apple Watch

10 Oct 2017 Apple was granted a patent protecting methods for creating self-adjusting straps for the Apple Watch. This invention can replace the usual types of fasteners used for the...


Bendable Samsung X will be released as a limited edition

According to Phone Arena, Samsung will release a bendable smartphone Galaxy X in the beginning of 2018, and will introduce its novelty in a limited number.   Rumors about the...


New Samsung patents: handlebar with integrated display, smart wallet and Curling TV

As reported by Patently Mobile, Samsung has received several new patents from the U.S. patent office. The company patented the design concepts, ranging from car steering wheel with built-in screens,...


Published Apple patent with information about automatic configuration HomePod

During the presentation of the HomePod Apple made emphasis on the fact that the smart speaker will change the direction of the audio stream, adapting to the environment. HomePod uses...


Why Xiaomi will inevitably become the next Apple

Paul Gorodnitsky analyzed the latest releases of Asian companies and realized that Xiaomi chose absolutely the right strategy to capture the market. In 2014, when Xiaomi climbed to the top...


Apple received a patent for ultrasonic sensor 3D Touch

Apple received a patent for ultrasonic sensor, which is able to recognize the touch screen. It is reported by Appleinsider. Apple received a patent for the ultrasonic sensor


7 legendary smartphone HTC: HD2 brilliant until the final Pixel

Suffering HTC is officially over: Google paid $ 1.1 billion in exchange for employees (about 2 thousand), patents and stake Asian companies. Formally HTC will continue to make their smartphones,...


iPhone X will be the most waterproof smartphone Apple

Leaks related to the iPhone release anniversary continues even the day before his presentation. This time it became known that the new smartphone will receive the highest level of water...


At the presentation of the iPhone, Apple may present the device augmented reality

According to The Wall Street Journal, in the next few weeks Apple will introduce a device that will allow her to make a huge step in the development of augmented...


Samsung has patented the design of the iPhone 8

While smartphone manufacturers strive to create a gadget with a display from edge to edge, there is one problem — where you need to move the camera and the sensors...


In the network appeared another patent associated with Apple Pencil

Every day there are more and more hints that the iPhone will gain support for stylus, despite the precepts of Steve jobs. Pattently Apple found another proof of that. The...


Apple has patented the fingerprint scanner working under the display

In the box of “advanced technologies” Apple has arrived another application was the patent Office of the United States. The company plans to develop a fingerprint scanner that does not...


Future iPhone will get support for Apple Pencil

Apple has registered two new patents relating to the work Apple Pencil on smartphones. This was reported by Patently Apple. In a new patent on the correction of noise, the...


Samsung received a patent for the breathalyzer in stylus

Samsung received a patent for a built-in breathalyzer in a stylus. It was approved by the American Agency. The stylus will be located the sensor, which can also be used...

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