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MegaFon became the leader in the data transfer speed in LTE network in Moscow

Analytical company Mobile Speed Rating conducted a study of efficiency of mobile operators in Moscow in extremely cold weather conditions. As stated, almost every cell phone provider has experienced difficulties...



Apple shares rose to a maximum value of $136,6 for the paper

Today, Apple’s stock price reached record values at the time of closing in the history of trading. Per share Apple gave $136, 62 is 0.4% more than at the time...



Repair in the official service center Apple may not be affordable to most Russians

Apple until the end of April needs to open Russia’s first official authorized service center with a full cycle service. This decision was the result of a long judicial and...



Apple until the end of April will open in Russia, a unified service center

Apple until the end of April will be opened in Russia service center that will repair its products. About it reports “Interfax” citing a source familiar with the outcome of...



“Mail of Russia” told about the fraudsters who sent bricks and glasses instead of iPhone

“Mail of Russia” has exposed a gang of crooks who were sent to buyers of bricks and glasses instead of the ordered computers and smartphones. This is stated in the...



iPhone 5s and iPhone 4s are the two most popular smartphones among Tele2 subscribers

By 2016 smartphones took 53% of the total number of mobile devices registered in the Tele2 network. IPhone 5s and iPhone 4s among the three most popular among subscribers. These...



A resident of Moscow found your stolen car using the “Find my iPhone”

Your car was stolen? It’s a terrible situation that every motorist fears. Unfortunately, the majority of stolen vehicles not returned to their owners. In particular, according to statistics of the...



The CPS have not found harmful radiation from cell phone stations placed on rooftops

Towers with powerful transmitters flooded the city, and many see this as a serious threat to health. How to reduce the negative effects of radiation and does it really a...



Apple for the eleventh consecutive year recognized as the most innovative company in the world

Apple has retained first place in the list of the 50 most innovative companies in the world by the end of 2016, according to a survey by research company the...



Why not charge your iPhone in public?

The battery of your iPhone is discharged, but need to write a dozen messages. Do you see USB port or a power outlet in a public place, connected to your...



The Golden Apple: how to design Studio-bred connoisseurs of exclusive iPhone

The smartphone has already become an accessory, showing the status. But if for some the ultimate dream of credit iPhone of the latest generation, others need something more substantial. The...



The government approved the bill on blocking “mirrors” pirate sites

A government Commission approved a draft law of the Ministry of communications, according to which it will be possible to block not only the pirate sites, but their mirror. Blocked...



Map “Troika” now you can recharge with iPhone

From today, iPhone owners can forget about queues at the ticket offices of the Moscow metro. Debuted on the iOS app for recharge universal travel “three” without a fee. With...



Apple opened in TSUM updated Apple Shop, the store has become the second largest in Europe

In the Central Department store has opened Apple store Shop. New retail space has almost doubled – now there are more than a wide selection of Apple products including the...



The Sheremetyevo customs office stopped the large-scale smuggling of iPhone and Apple Watch

A large consignment of undeclared iPhone and Apple Watch was detected by customs officers at the passenger, who arrived in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport from new York. The passenger of the...

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